Florida girl injured in lawn mower accident goes home from hospital

May 6, 2013 

TAMPA -- After three and a half weeks at Tampa General Hospital, Ireland Nugent got to go home.

As her parents packed her up at the hospital, family and friends were busy hanging signs to welcome the 2-year-old home.

Neighbors brought platters, cakes, and cookies as the children gathered to await Ireland's arrival.

Ireland's brothers and sisters screamed when they saw their family minivan come around the street corner.

They rushed to hold Ireland's hand as Jerry, Ireland's father, unhooked her child seat.

Ireland was dressed in her favorite Disney Princess gown. At first, she was overwhelmed by all of the well-wishers but eventually she was all smiles.

Jerry and Nicole Nugent thanked everyone for their support as they were reunited with the family and neighbors they have come to depend on.

"Our entire neighborhood, the minute that this accident happened, came to our aid," said Nicole Nugent. "Our neighbors, Cameron and Aly, helped save our daughter's life."

Aly Smith was there, just as she had been the night of the accident, when she wondered what Ireland's future might hold.

"I don't think I let myself think that in the moment. But there was definitely the next few days that I never doubted that she would make it but that she would be in the hospital for a long time," said Smith.

The Nugents cannot wait to catch up on the family time they have missed over the last three weeks.

"I think we've got some serious snuggle time happening tonight with my kiddos!" said Nicole Nugent.

As for Ireland, she has already made one thing clear. She knows she is getting new legs and she wants them to be princess legs.

Steve Chamberland with an organization called 50 Legs said he can make that happen and the Nugent family cannot wait.

Ireland will be fitted for her prosthetics in two to three weeks. Her family plans to take her to Trinity Presbyterian Church next Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day.

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