Gallery for 4/29/13: Hello there, little ladies

ttompkins@bradenton.comApril 29, 2013 

Peeking from the double doors of the hall, a tiny face, head encircled by a glittering crown, peered into the evening.

Inquisitive eyes, demure smile and a giggle met the camera's lens.

That's how guests of the annual DeSoto Historical Society's ball were greeted Friday night.

The Conquistadorables, living up to their name, took turns looking from the doors as they gathered in the lobby.

After countless pictures, dabs of lip gloss and excited laughter, they filed up the stairway to take their seats for the pomp of the evening.

Up the steps they walked with a self-conscious grace; hushing one another as their little-girl heels clacked on the tiles.

It would be quite a long time before their entrance, but they sat like little ladies in the balcony.

Soon enough it would be their time in the spotlight.

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