Speaking Volumes: Celebrate 'Mutiny' anniversary

Special to the HeraldApril 28, 2013 

The epic adventure of the HMS Bounty will be told as long as there are ships on the sea and brave men to sail them. The tale of the eventful and tragic voyage of the HMS Bounty culminated in Fletcher Christian's mutiny against Captain Bligh 224 years ago today. Books and movies of this historic sea adventure as well as other great stories of the sea are available at your Manatee County Libraries.

"The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy" by the team of Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, is a stunning work of historical fiction of the 18th century sailing ships, and is one of the most thrilling sea adventures ever recorded. This extensive drama was told in three episodes, "Mutiny on the Bounty," "Men against the Sea" and "Pitcairn's Island." In this stunning trilogy, the reader is taken through the harsh life and punishments aboard the Bounty, to the idyllic life of Tahiti, then to the brutal and appalling existence of prisoners in the depths of despair at a sentence of death by hanging. For more than seven decades since its initial publication this story has enthralled generations of readers around the world.

"Mister Christian" is the outrageous and credible saga by William Kinsolving, who uses historical facts and wild imagination in this sequel to the tale of the HMS Bounty in which Mr. Christian is not killed but manages to escape Pitcairn Island. Spanning a period of 20 years, this captivating tale chronicles Fletcher Christian's turbulent life. In 1810, a man is found in Bedlam, England's insane asylum and claims to be the long presumed dead Fletcher Christian. His rousing adventure tale begins with his escape from the native uprising on Pitcairn Island, the rescue of his true love, Daphne Lewis, and his perilous return to England. The terrible hardships he endures, impressments into English navy, imprisonment by pirates, and the many tragic separations from Daphne carry the story to the final confrontation between the two arch enemies, Christian and Bligh, which is resolved with a masterful twist. This adventure story is memorable mix of love, politics, history and war, that definitely stir a reader's imagination.

"Mutiny on the Bounty," on DVD stars Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian and Trevor Howard as Captain Bligh. This action packed movie, with extraordinary performances by talented actors, was filmed in the idyllic islands of Tahiti, Polynesia and Hawaii.

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