Five Eagle Scouts awarded at Camp Flying Eagle in Bradenton

April 26, 2013 

A record-setting Court of Honor was held for five Eagle Scouts at Camp Flying Eagle in Bradenton. Derek Cuthbert, designed and built a Florida-friendly mobile chicken coop for Crowley Pioneer Museum/Nature Center and the Citizens Lobbying for Urban Chicken Keeping, plus he gave a detailed "how to" book to the museum for future fund-raising; Hunter Drake designed and installed a 14-foot tall cross with an information kiosk at Sarasota Christian School; Zack Maynard held a food and supplies drive for The Animal Shelter, collecting several months of food and new pet toys for the sheltered animals; Christian Mekhail designed and constructed an outdoor classroom and gathering space for Christ Presbyterian Church which sponsors Troop 89; John Rosasco constructed and installed four bat boxes at the Cayo Costa State Park to control of the mosquito and insects on that public park island. Only 2 percent of the 83 million Boy Scouts enrolled since 1911 achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Judge Gilbert Smith Jr. an Eagle Scout, "Red Dog" Maynard, and three Scout Masters from Troop 89 -- Tom Leis, Geoff Ashman, and Michael Kaiser -- officiated the ceremony.

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