Special thanks: Dentist helps man with sleep apnea

April 26, 2013 

I suffered from sleep apnea for several years and I had contacted a sleep disorder physician who recommended a CPAC machine. However, being a claustrophobic, I could not wear a mask and therefore, these machines were of no use to me.

Finally I heard that my long-time dentist, Dr. Childers at Advanced Dental Care of Lakewood Ranch, had an appliance that helped people like me. I contacted Dr. Childers and set up a date for a consultation and the results indicated I was eligible for the appliance.

Now wearing this appliance at bed-time, I do not snore, I sleep eight hours a night, compared to three to four hours of sleep before. I would like to thank Dr. Childers for adding quality time to my life.

-- Duke Leitzes, Bradenton

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