No more Mr. Nice Guy: Gov. Scott calls out Florida Legislature

April 23, 2013 

Gov. Rick Scott criticized the Florida House Tuesday from his chairman's perch during a Cabinet meeting, calling it "very disappointing" that the House is pushing a 6 percent increase in tuition at state colleges and universities.

Later, in a Q-and-A session with reporters in his office, Scott suggested that if legislative leaders want their priorities, they should also pass his two top issues: a $2,500 across-the-board teacher pay raise and a sales tax break for manufacturing equipment. Scott is pushing lawmakers to back down from their demand that a teacher pay increase be tied to classroom performance.

"The House has their priorities, I have my priorities, the Senate has their priorities. I hope everybody ends up with a very successful session. We have time to do that," Scott said. "I've been very clear from before session started what my two priorities were."

Pressed to say whether he would veto the entire education budget if the teacher pay raise has strings attached, Scott said: "I'm sure the speaker of the House and the Senate president would like to have a special session. They know my priorities."

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