No explosives found in Port of Tampa package

April 18, 2013 

TAMPA -- Officials have confirmed that no explosives have been found relating to a suspicious package on a dock at the Port of Tampa.

Shortly after 9 a.m., deputies say a specially-trained K-9 alerted to an item on the Terminal 3 dock near a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. A second K-9 was brought in and also alerted to the same item, according to deputies.

Earlier deputies were unsure of just was in the package.

"At this time, we just know that it was a cargo pallet that was to be loaded onto the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that was supposed to leave today around 4:30 in the afternoon,” said Cristal Bermudez-Nunez, Hillsborough Sheriff's Office, “but we're unsure as to what else was in that pallet. That's something that we're still trying to confirm at this time."

Cruise ship passengers didn't seem to mind the extra precautions taken with the package. Many of them waited across the street from the ship with their luggage.

"The ship is going to be the safest one out there. That's all I can say," said Doris Sabourin, passenger, who said she wasn't bothered by the wait or worried.

"I think they're being cautious and I think that's the thing that they need to do," said another passenger, Betty Huth.

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