Candidate says Haitian Voudou being used to get her to drop out of Florida mayoral race

Miami HeraldApril 8, 2013 

A North Miami mayoral candidate has asked for prayers from three different countries because, she said, someone is trying to use sinister sorcery and threatening phone calls to get her out of the race.

Anna Pierre, one of eight candidates running for mayor, said unknown persons left chicken feathers, food scraps and candles at her office doorstep over the past three months. She believes the items are tied to mystical rituals in the Haitian Vodou religion.

“I found little dolls with needles in it. They put a lot of pennies at front of my office door,” she said. “I’m from Haiti I know what it is.”

Pierre, a nurse and singer, said her popularity in the Haitian community is a threat to whoever is trying to curse her. Pierre is well-known for her 1990s Creole-language hit “ Suk Su Bon Bon.” In the song, she demands that her husband put sugar on her “cookie” or else she will leave him.

She said the threats are not just of the spiritual nature.

Pierre said an anonymous person has been using a blocked number to call her phone. The voice on the other line told her to drop out of the race.

“I have people in Haiti, Canada, and the U.S. praying for me,” she said. “I have Jesus with me.”

With elections weeks away, several other candidates have cried foul over standard political shenanigans like stolen signs and vandalism.

Mayoral candidate Kevin Burns filed five police reports with North Miami’s police department alleging someone stole his campaign signs in various parts of the city. In at least two instances, another candidate’s sign replaced his.

According to one of the police reports, a witness, Leslie Egert said she saw two men remove Burns’ sign and replace it with one for Gwendolyn Boyd, a former North Miami police chief who is also running for mayor.

“Kevin Burns accused my campaign manager of taking down signs. We don’t take down signs,” said Boyd. “Why the heck would I want to play with somebody’s sign? My people understand we’re not getting into wars and pettiness over signs. That’s trifling.”

Another mayoral candidate, Dr. Smith Joseph, said he feared for his safety and asked North Miami police to watch over his medical office after vandals spray-painted his building with what police say appears to be a white fist.

Joseph told police he thinks he was being targeted by his opponents. Police believe it was “a random tagging,” according to the report.

In the run-up to the May 14 elections, Pierre said she will not allow stolen signage or spells to derail her campaign.

Pierre filed a police report for 50 of her campaign signs she said were stolen.

“My campaign signs say to end corruption. Someone doesn’t want to see that happen.”

Pierre said she will replace the signs. As far as the Vodou spells, Pierre said she’s ready to take that on too..

“They can put all the voodoo they want,” said Pierre. “I’m a Christian woman. I’m not scared.”

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