Gallery for April 8, 2013: Unexpected moments

ttompkins@bradenton.comApril 8, 2013 

For some, the Robinson Preserve Twilight races are about the thrill of the competition; of overcoming burning lungs and straining muscles to cross the finish line as the crowd cheers you on.

For others it's about moments you could never plan; the ones that appear like a gift out of the perfectly blue sky.

For Todd Woods, it was about surprising his girlfriend, Theresa Voltolina, with a little velvet box and a life-changing proposal at the finish line.

For a young girl in a children's race, it was about tears and a skinned knee as the other children left her behind.

Not for long, though.

Her moment came when her father scooped her into his arms and carried her along the track across the finish line.

Not the way she probably envisioned her race ending, but a father's love and comfort can make up for that.

There will be many more races ahead, with many more unexpected moments.

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