Water rises along Wares Creek near 12th Avenue bridge construction

jdeleon@bradenton.comApril 4, 2013 

BRADENTON -- Water rose along Wares Creek as a result of Thursday morning's downpours, causing a dam to break, halting the reconstruction of a bridge and leaving one home in need of a little extra support.

Construction crews began placing large stones and pieces of concrete along Wares Creek Thursday afternoon to stabilize the bank surrounding the 12th Avenue West bridge after the coffer dam was broken.

"The flow did breach it on the west and the contractor removed sections of it to alleviate the pressure that was building behind it," city of Bradenton Engineering Manager Jim McLellan said.

A home on the southwest corner of the creek and 12th Avenue West did not fare well with the flood waters.

"One concrete pier was undermined -- basically, the column sits on a concrete pad and the soil underneath it washed away," McLellan said.

The construction crew placed a temporary beam in place for support until a permanent solution is found.

Cleanup is expected to continue Friday and Saturday, delaying the project only a few days, McLellan expects.

"The good news is they were about two weeks ahead of schedule," McLellan said.

Residents, however, were reminded of the same problems they faced time and

time again, prompting all the dredging of the creek and the reconstruction of the bridges.

"My neighbors called me and told me water was rising up into my yard," said Wares Creek resident Jeff Newhall.

Newhall rushed home from work to discover that the water had in fact risen above 40 feet into his yard.

"I was worried about it getting into my garage," Newhall said.

In the past, Newhall says when the creek flooded, water did make it into his garage and he was prepared to start moving his belongings.

Sue Burriss says she got home around 9 a.m. from her school crossing guard job to find the dams had been broken. A resident for 18 years, she is no stranger to the floods.

"It would come into the yard," Burriss said. "It never came into the house, though."

Her home, on the northwest corner of the creek and 12th Ave West, did not suffer any damage today like her neighbor across the street.

No other flooding was reported in Manatee County, but some areas did get 2 to 3 inches of rain by early afternoon. Late severe storms were still possible Thursday evening.

The forecast for Friday: early morning thunderstorms are likely, but then expect a partly sunny day, clearing the way for a great weekend.

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