5 things to watch Thursday at the Florida Legislature

April 4, 2013 

Both the Senate and the House are in session today, and several key issues are on the agenda. Here are five things to watch on Thursday:

-- The House is expected to vote on the so-called "parent trigger" bill that would allow parents to petition to have their child's traditional public school converted into a charter school. We expect a split along party lines on HB 867.

-- The Senate will discuss its Internet cafe ban during session, but no vote is expected. Members may decide to amend SB 1030 to address concerns from adult arcade operators.

-- Also on the Senate agenda for discussion: Legislation that prohibit law enforcement agencies from using drones to track suspects without a search warrant (SB 92).

-- A bill that opponents have described as creating a "free agency" system in high school athletics is up for a vote in the House Education Appropriations Subcommittee. HB 1279 would revise the rules used by a state governing body to investigate student transfers.

-- One of several abortion-related bills making their way to the House floor will be debated in the Health and Human Services Committee. HB 1129 affords the same rights to a baby born alive during or immediately after an attempted abortion as a child born at a hospital.

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