Law enforcement remains mum on Manatee coach's case

Herald Staff WritersApril 4, 2013 

BRADENTON -- Law enforcement officials continued Wednesday to keep information about the investigation into a high school coach's alleged improper actions with students close to the vest.

The Bradenton Police Department has given the Manatee County State Attorney's Office its investigative report on Manatee High School assistant football coach Rod Frazier. Police Chief Mike Radzilowski has confirmed that investigators recommended arresting several people.

Frazier's attorney, Ed Mulock, called the possible arrest of his client and anyone else in the case speculation.

All allegations are based on the statements of a student, Mullock said, adding that he remains convinced there was a vendetta against Frazier.

"If we get our day in court we'll be able to take depositions," he told the Herald Wednesday. "I heard the girl has a lot of hatred for Manatee High School and the kids at Manatee High School.

"I can't help and think that motivated a lot of it. We'll just have to wait to see what a jury says."

The police chief remained tight-lipped when questioned again Wednesday.

"It's an ongoing investigation and I'm not going to comment," Radzilowski said. "I had my chief detective and lieutenant detec

tive work directly with the State Attorney's Office so that there would be no interference from the school board or politicians."

He said he distanced himself from the investigation so there would be no outside interference.

"I haven't even read the report, so I couldn't even tell you who was named," Radzilowski said.

Now that the report is in the hands of the state attorney, the chief said, they could add or drop names, or "do whatever they decide is necessary."

Officials at the state attorney's office also declined to offer any details Wednesday.

Assistant State Attorney Dawn Buff said no action has been taken in the case.

The school district began an investigation of Frazier after a fellow employee wrote a letter to the Manatee High School principal in November citing concerns about Frazier's behavior with students, school district attorney John Bowen has said. That investigation ended when it found the allegations were based on second-hand information and rumors, Bowen said.

Following the Christmas break, the district received another letter, this time from the student, containing new allegations. Another investigation was started.

Frazier has been suspended from his duties as assistant coach and parent liaison at Manatee High.

Manatee County School Superintendent Rick Mills issued a prepared statement Tuesday saying the school district will reserve "final judgment until all facts are revealed."