5 things to watch Tuesday at the Florida Legislature

April 2, 2013 

Gov . Rick Scott and his Cabinet are taking a field trip to the state's oldest city as part of the state's 500th anniversary celebration. While the Cabinet meets in St. Augustine, the Legislature will tackle some hefty here in Tallahassee. Here are five things to watch on Tuesday:

-- Senior citizens from South Florida are expected to make the trip north to argue in favor of their beloved arcades, which could be outlawed under the Internet cafes bill being heard in the Senate Rules Committee, SB 1030.

-- The Rules Committee will also consider campaign finance reform. Sen. Jack Latvala's SB 1382 eliminates political committees that have been used as lawmaker slush funds and increases the amount of campaign money people running for statewide offices and appelate judge seats can receive from individuals.

-- The Senate's Banking and Insurance Committee plans to hold a workshop to hear how last year's no-fault auto insurance reforms are working, especially provisions intended to lower the cost of insurance.

-- Sen. Aaron Bean will formally introduced his proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion, SB 7144, during a meeting of the Health Policy Committee.

-- Sen. Dwight Bullard and Rep. Cynthia Stafford will hold a press conference to raise awareness of the gun control bills they've filed, which have gained little traction this legislative session.

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