Journalism Next from Braden River High School: New teacher interns learn the ropes of the classroom

New teacher interns learn the ropes of the classroom

Special to the HeraldApril 1, 2013 

This year, Braden River High School welcomes three new interns to the Pirate Family. Their fresh-out-of-college experience not only livens up the classrooms, but is also teaching students a few things about the lives of teachers.

These interns are studying under teachers of the subject they want to teach in the future. They observe and even get to teach students on their own for the first time. All of them are in college at the moment, taking classes to receive their bachelor's degree in the classes they plan on teaching.

The first is Debra McCarthy, who is interning under Ms. Smith to be a Language Arts teacher. Mrs. McCarthy has had previous occupations however. When she was a teenager, she was one of the youngest members of the New York Theater Ballet and was cast as the lead role in their production of The Nutcracker. She grew up in Long Island and was enrolled in private schools starting at an early age.

She says, "I think one of the main reasons I want to be a teacher today is because I wasn't around people my own age when I was younger. I missed being able to hang out with friends because of my extremely busy schedule."

After she left the company, she began to miss her mother in Florida, so she moved down from New York.

At first, she studied paralegal, but she found that it wasn't her calling at all. She realized then where she wanted to be.

"I came to USF where I am currently finishing up getting my Bachelor's Degree in Education. I want to work with lower level high school students who are struggling because I think my personality lends toward more of a nurturing, patient, and helpful role."

McCarthy says she would like to go back to school after she gets her bachelor's and eventually write high school curriculum, and then begin teaching other teachers with her doctorate degree.

The second intern is Sarah Pinkston from the agriculture department. Ms. Pinkston was born in Hudson, Fla., and has lived on a farm her entire life.

She states, "At my house we have dogs and cats, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, and even llamas."

She has wanted to be in agriculture from as far as she can remember, partially because it was what her mom did. Ms. Pinkston is going to school at USF for her bachelor's in environmental science. Next, she wants to go to the University of Florida to get her masters in agricultural science.

Pinkston remarks that as a teacher, she really hopes her students are learning something new every class and not just showing up.

Outside of interning, she loves to cook, garden, and design things on Pinterest in her free time. She says she lives by the words, "Always put in your best effort because you'll only fail if you don't try."

The last is Adam Tidd, who is interning under Mrs. Bieber to be a social science teacher. Mr. Tidd was born in the Tampa Bay area, but then moved to New England shortly after. He then came back and went to USF with an education major.

He says, "It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I didn't even start college until I was 23."

Mr. Tidd now lives with his wife Tiffany and their two dogs, Atticus and Calvin. He loves to read and play video games outside of the classroom, and enjoys frequently going to the beach.

This year's interns are showing our students what it's like to become a teacher in the field, making them much more relatable to the River's teenagers. Hopefully they enjoy their stay with Pirate Nation before they move on into the next chapter of their lives.

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