Where the money would go

March 28, 2013 

Where the money would go

House plan:

--Dorm fees: $15 million to pay for two years of dormitory costs through the Florida Prepaid Tuition Scholarship Program.

--Court tech: $5.3 million for better court technology to process foreclosures faster.

--Down payments: $45 million in down payment assistance to teachers in low-performing schools, rural health care providers, including doctors and nurses, assistant state attorneys, public defenders, and veterans and active military. ($3 million to administer the program)

--Court resources: $13 million

--Court clerks: $6.7 million

--Domestic violence: $20 million to the Department of Children and Families to provide more bed space for victims of domestic violence.

--Homes: $35 million to Habitat for Humanity

--Developers: $50 million to affordable housing developers.

--Legal aid: $5 million

-- Promotion: $2 million

Senate plan:

-- Legal aid: $5 million

-- Local governments: $70 million for various housing uses through the State Housing Initiative Program, or SHIP.

-- Developers: $65 million for low income housing projects.

-- Courts: $25 million over two years to reduce foreclosure backlog.

-- Court clerks: $15 million

-- Legal aid: $10 million

-- Promotion: $2 million

-- Administration: $3 million to Florida Housing Finance Corporation to oversee programs.

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