2 piglets escape, but 6 wild hogs captured off Cypress Links Golf Course in Lakewood Ranch

dgraham@bradenton.comMarch 27, 2013 

LAKEWOOD RANCH -- Hog hunter Juan Trevino successfully captured eight wild hogs in his trap off the 12th fairway of Cypress Links golf course at Lakewood Ranch Country Club, but two piglets escaped during the transfer.

"He had two sows and six babies," said Marty Cohn, supervisor for Community Development District 5, serving Country Club. "Since then it's been quiet for awhile. I don't think there's been anything recent."

One of several homeowners in that area whose lush lawns were victimized by the hungry boars during the early morning hours, Cohn called in Trevino to help the neighborhood deal with the nighttime pig raids. The animals have been making their daytime home in the protected environmental area on the opposite side of the fairway.

"On night four, they gave us a call that we got some hogs in," Trevino said. "They did a lot of damage out here

and they ain't gonna be happy long."

"After I take them from here they'll go to a holding facility and they'll go to the first buyer," he said earlier. "Most of them will go to a hunting preserve or to a family that wants to have a barbecue. In reality, you can't really get more organic than that."

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