Shufflin' | Golf Lakes to host Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters

March 19, 2013 

Wednesday will be the first day of the 2013 Southwest Coast District Amateur Masters Tournament, which will open at 9 a.m. at Golf Lakes

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each player. This year the eligible players include eight men and one lady. They include Mike Keeping, Bill Reinbolt, Don Gray, Bill Comford, Wolter Bootsma, Keith Petty, Chuck Huddleston, Paul Nadeau and Kathy Smith. Serving as Alternate will be Terry McNamara.

Each has earned a spot all season by number of points won. Spectators are welcome; bring your own lunch. Dolores Brown is tournament director, and referees and scorekeepers will be provided.

Tournament results

n FL P-24A at Clearwater, March 11, Open M/L Doubles. Ladies Main: 2. Shirley McCullough-Marilyn Everett, 3. Joyce Marquis-Flo Kowalewski. Consolation: 1. Pat Batdorff-Pam Nurnberger, 4. Nancy Sclafani. Men Consolation: 1. Nelson Kellogg-Mike Marquis.

n FL P-24B at Avon Park, March 11, Open M/L Doubles. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor. Men Main: 1. Mel Erb-Dave Kudro, 3. Jim L. Miller-Freeman Gingerich. Consolation: 3. Jerry Stannard.

n FL A-21B at Clearwater, March 11, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main: 4. Bill Comford-Debra Williams.

n SWCD D-20 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, March 14, "No 2 Pros". Men Main: 1. Mike Keeping-Jim L. Miller, 2. Rich Klingman-Jerry Everett, 3. Jim Smith-John L. Brown, 4. Stan Kowalewski-Larry Lumsden. Consolation: 1. Clark Bennett-John Stuart, 2. Al Hostetler-Mel Erb, 3. Faren Van DeGrift-Bill Reinbolt, 4. John Ulicny-Don Sprague. Ladies Main: 1. Joan Erwin-Eva Mae Lake, 2. Charlotte Broda-Joan McCurdy, 3. Beverly Jensen-Dian Darrah, 4. Nancy Sclafani-Jane Schram. Consolation: 1. Dianne Leonard-Wilma Terwilliger, 2. Kathy Smith-Kathy Wilson, 3. Elaine Jarvis-Gloria Hollander, 4. Letha DeVries-Pamela Carr.

Future tournaments

n Tuesday is the second day of FL P-25 at Lakeland, M/L Open Doubles.

n Wednesday at Golf Lakes, SWCD Amateur Masters listed above.

n Monday, March 25 at Clearwater Tournament of Champions, Pros only. Pros eligible for life if winning first place in FL Open Tournaments. Pros eligible for two years if winning second, third, fourth in Main Event. Pros eligible if placing in Consolation this year in a Center Spread Upper Division State Tournament. Tournament of Champions includes M/L Singles, Walking/Non-walking, all starting March 25.


n Word is received of the death of John Rowat, formerly of Golf Lakes. John and Nena Rowat played very well for many years in District and State competition. Our sympathy goes to Nena.

n Dona Dunn sends good wishes from Michigan and regrets she is no longer at Sugar Creek and Bradenton Shuffle Club since Earl is gone. She states she misses their many friends here.

n Clarence Wheeler is suffering serious health issues in Michigan.

n Paul Knepper, president of Bradenton Shuffle Club, is recovering from knee replacement surgery.

n Ron Nurnberger reports the purchaser of two Centennial items (cups, shirts, pins, calendars) now receive one free calendar.

Happy shuffling.

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