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Bayshore moves up to a B grade

Special to the HeraldMarch 4, 2013 

Thanks to dedicated Bayshore High School students and staff, Bayshore has moved up a grade in the annual rating by the Florida Department of Education.

Bayshore received a B for the 2011-12 academic year, up from the school's C rating during the previous grading year.

A school's grade is determined by its performance in several categories, including FCAT scores, graduation rates and college readiness. Scores in each category are determined by an inspection by the Florida Department of Education. After all the scores have been given, they are added to yield the school's grade.

In order to raise the grade, Bayshore staff went on an academic tour de force.

"In the simplest terms," said assistant principal Ginger Collins, "(Principal David) Underhill assigned staff members to 'tighten the string,' which meant to push in all categories, set goals, create initiatives and to monitor and evaluate performances, and it paid off in a major way."

Bayshore scored a 1,033, which is up from a 950 last year. This score is a mere 17 points away from the 1,050 required to receive an A rating. The school filed an appeal with the state in an effort to have missed points added, but the state recently ruled the school cannot appeal.

"I fully believe we are an A school," Mrs. Collins said. "Our students and staff are better than the best."

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