'B&B' Taylor presses Steffy to tell Liam she is pregnant

Creators SyndicateFebruary 17, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Dayzee explains more to Marcus and Carter about the circumstances surrounding her association with Maya. Carter details the severity and the possible legal ramifications of her current situation. Taylor turns to Eric for comfort, as her anxiety regarding her family's seemingly being bullied by Brooke's family increases. Pam and Donna are concerned when they begin to suspect that something romantic may be developing between Eric and Taylor. Eric opens up to Taylor about intimate details regarding his and Stephanie's relationship. Liam tells Hope that he does not want to mislead her into thinking that he has chosen her over Steffy. Feeling that the issue is preventing Liam from asking her to move back in, Hope asks Rick to please apologize to him. Worried that her mother is lonely, Hope attempts to convince Brooke to find a new man in her life. Bill and Katie's attempted romantic evening is derailed by their parental duties. Liam assures Steffy that he hasn't forgotten the good times that they have shared together, but he explains that he needs time and space to sort through his feelings. He vows to make a decision the following day. Brooke recruits help from an old friend to assist in surprising Hope and Liam with something that will ensure their future together. Taylor presses Steffy to tell Liam she is pregnant.

SNEEK PEEK: Brooke hears wedding bells.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel and Chloe bond over Parker's medical crisis. Chloe informs Daniel that she couldn't reach him earlier because Jennifer lied about where they were going. Jennifer admits her lie to Daniel -- and says she's not entirely sorry about it. They get into a heated argument and part ways on bad terms. Jennifer leaves a message for Daniel to apologize -- but Chloe intercepts the

note and destroys it. Eric is disappointed in Nicole when he catches her dressed up in a sexy outfit -- and warns if she goes out like that, she can't come back to the church. Sami confides to Marlene that she's fallen in love with E.J. again. Stefano calls Marlena to taunt her, but they soon realize they may actually be hoping for the same thing. Brady won't marry Kristen, and he emotionally confesses it's because he feels culpable for Arianna's and Madison's deaths. Kristen finds herself truly affected by Brady's pain and wonders if she can destroy this man for his father's "crimes." Will shows up at the coffeehouse to reconcile with Sonny. A mortified Sonny reveals he ordered the Valentine's gift before they broke up -- and forgot to cancel it. Nick hints to Gabi that he has something on the Hortons that he can use to make sure he and Gabi retain custody of the baby. Cameron and Abigail share a sweet lunch at her house. She's completely embarrassed, however, when Cameron comes close to discovering her secret -- that she is a virgin.

SNEAK PEEK: Eric is near death.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Molly finally agrees to help Rafe, and we see Caleb watching the house. Britt summons Maxie to get started helping her destroy Sabrina. Laura returns to Port Charles. Kristina talks about her community service options -- one of which would put her at Pentonville, where Johnny is about to be incarcerated. Mac expresses to Lulu his concern that Frisco wants Felicia back. Mac arrives with an invitation for her to join him at the Valentine's celebration at the Haunted Star. McBain tells Sam that there's video footage of a man who looks exactly like him taking Rafe from jail and evidence from the PCPD. Sam asks where John was when this all was going down. Caleb is spotted by Heather on the docks. Olivia and Steve realize that her recent vision of Heather predicted Heather's escape from Ferncliff. Olivia wonders if this means her vision of Steve in the shower with Sabrina is going to come to pass, as well. John asks Lucy to work with him in an effort to catch Caleb, but he must first convince her that he and Caleb are not one and the same. Alexis is distracted from Molly's shenanigans by news of Danny's disappearance. Alexis relays the information to Sam, while Anna receives a tip from the boat captain that Heather and Todd are trying to skip town on a chartered ship. Carly checks up on Starr in the wake of Todd's escape. The women admit they had their own goodbyes with Todd. Carly confesses that he asked her to come with him. At EOD, they toast to the success of his escape. Connie meets with Diane to plan her defense and rejects Diane's idea that she claim Kate was responsible for the crimes because it could mean a return to Shadybrook. Sonny meets with Shawn about those same assets, hoping to acquire them now that Johnny's in prison. After Diane and Shawn leave, Connie and Sonny find themselves alone together. They admit they no longer hate each other, and they have a surprising warm moment when they share a memory about a Valentine's Day from their youth.

SNEAK PEEK: Kate is back.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Jack thanks Adam for everything he has done to help him and warns him that when things are quiet with Victor, it usually means he is up to something. Meanwhile, Avery confides in Sharon about her past with Dylan. When Sharon asks Avery if she loves Dylan or Nick, Avery says she doesn't know if she can choose. At The Underground, Dylan tries to explain himself to Nick. When Dylan leaves, Nick tells Avery that Dylan is still in love with her. Dylan flashes back to memories with Avery. Mason hesitates to go along with Victor's plan for him to replace Sharon's medication. Victor offers Mason a bonus when he becomes CEO. Adam and Sharon have an unpleasant run-in with Nikki and Victoria. Adam tells Sharon he will always make sure she is safe. Sharon tries to fight her attraction to Adam. Abby returns to Genoa City. Kyle tells Abby that he asked her to come back to town because Jack needs his family. Billy picks up on the sexual tension between Phyllis and Jack. When Fen returns from his night in jail, Lauren tells Michael he failed his son and he failed as a father. Lauren storms out after fighting with Michael. Lauren chats with Carmine while he works and ignores a call from Michael. Lauren accuses Michael of ruining Fen's future. Later, Summer finds Fen trying to hitchhike his way out of Genoa City. Jamie admits to Paul that he hasn't been truthful about the night he fell off the rooftop. Paul tells Michael and Lauren there won't be a case against Fen. Paul confronts Phyllis about Summer's involvement in bullying Jamie. Cane meets with Chelsea and tells her that Neil only wants to work with experienced designers, but he intends to change his mind. Congressman Wheeler threatens to expose Victor's part in his daughter's death.

SNEAK PEEK: Lily warns Chelsea to stay away from Cane.

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