Quit trying to repeal Florida law allowing red-light cameras

February 16, 2013 

Again with legislation to ban red-light cameras? Supporters of drivers who violate the law and endanger the innocent just won't surrender to the fundamental truth that these cameras are effective public safety devices.

The Florida House's Economic Affairs Committee approved the repeal of the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act on a 10-8 vote this week -- this being the same panel that also passed repeal last year only to see the bill rightfully die. The 2013 version now moves on to another committee.

Only one thing should matter here: The Florida Department of Transportation found a 56 percent reduction in crashes at intersections with red-light cameras, thus proving the devices work as intended.

In voting for repeal, one lawmaker actually stated a nonsensical reason: Letters outlining a violation and the fine sent to out-of-state tourists would make them mad. Unbelievable.

Another committee member decried the law as "growing government." By that rationale, why have any public safety laws at all?

This repeal bill should end up where it belongs -- in the garbage.

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