Big future for Arnold

ttompkins@bradenton.comFebruary 11, 2013 

Gallery is a weekly photographic essay capturing the heart of the community recorded by the Herald's photo staff.

Arnold, the half-ton porcine pal of David Gamery, loves potatoes, tomatoes, pasta, dog food; pretty much anything. "Can you go take some pictures of a half-ton pig?" I eyed the reporter, waiting for more. "His owner has been foreclosed on, and he's giving Arnold, his pet pig, to a neighbor." I grabbed my purse, my glasses, both pairs, and asked "where?" A short time later we were dodging pig plops in a Palmetto field as Diana Kelly hollered "Arnold! Arnold! Where are you?" We found him in the shade, fast asleep. He didn't seem to appreciate strangers, especially strangers who interrupted nap time. I was wary as I focused on his sleepy face with my long lens, but the reporter had a hint of panic on his face. "He's just a pig," I kept telling myself. But he's a big pig. A big, cranky pig. But there was a sure-fire cure. Yes, of course! Food. Lots of food. And a mud bath. Arnold looked a lot less intimidating wallowing in mud and being hand-fed tomatoes ... with a fence between us. Luckily, there are folks who appreciate his piggy charms. A new chapter begins for Arnold. He's some pig.

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