Chloe and Jennifer spar over Daniel on 'Days'

Creators SyndicateFebruary 10, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Liam and Steffy's reunion following her return from Paris is short-lived when she presents him with an ultimatum: Cut all ties with Hope. Knowing that Steffy has returned home, Hope sits impatiently by the phone as she awaits Liam's decision of whether or not he is going to stay with Steffy. Bill attempts to give Liam all of the reasons why Steffy is a much better match for him than Hope. Katie tells Hope what Bill is doing, but Hope remains confident that Liam will not be swayed by his father. Liam informs Bill and Katie that he asked Steffy to move out of his house so that he may have space to think about his relationships. Steffy turns to Taylor for comfort after having her heart ripped out by Liam the night before. Taylor urges Steffy to tell Liam about the pregnancy. Brooke encourages Hope to remain optimistic that Liam will call with word that he has chosen her over Steffy. Taylor's years of built-up anger and resentment are unleashed during a conversation with Brooke about their daughters. She later seeks comfort in the arms of Eric following her quarrel with Brooke. Rick is less than thrilled when he learns about Eric's appointing Thomas as vice present of Forrester Creations. Dayzee tells Marcus and Carter more information about her past life on the streets of Skid Row.

SNEAK PEEK: Eric is in a romantic mood.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: John fills in Sam about Rafe's having been arrested for his mother's murder. Rafe tells Anna that he saw John kill his mother. At Ferncliff, as Todd rants to Lucy that his plan to be found not guilty due to insanity failed, Lucy vents that she can't stand being stuck in the bin when Caleb is about to decimate Port Charles. Heather interrupts them and suggests an escape plan. Kevin arrives as Lucy is sneaking away. Kevin thwarts Todd, Heather and Lucy's escape plan. Kevin says he's here to help Lucy. Heather knocks Kevin unconscious. Lucy demands they take Kevin with them. Starr is shocked when her father shows up at Michael's apartment. Todd tells Carly he is leaving Port Charles and wants her to go with him. Maxie offers to try to mend things between Britt and Patrick if Britt will keep her secret: She is pregnant by Spinelli. While waiting for Kristina's arraignment, Sonny is disappointed that he can't convince Connie to drop the charges against her. Shawn offers to help by trying to force her into it. Johnny and Kristina meet while waiting for their court appearances. Johnny expresses his condolences about Trey and offers encouragement to a scared Kristina. T.J. is upset about Molly's visit to Rafe, and there's trouble in paradise for the teen couple. Determined to rebuild ELQ, Tracy asks Luke to find out what Carly knows about the contents of Edward's will. Tracy also expresses her surprise and some relief that the SEC has yet to come down on her. Duke delivers the bad news to A.J. and Michael that he was unable to convince the authorities to unfreeze ELQ's assets.

SNEAK PEEK: Laura is back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chloe interrupts Daniel and Jennifer's romantic evening with a frantic call that Parker won't stop crying. Though suspicious, Daniel rushes home, cutting short his trip with an understanding Jennifer. He arrives at the mansion to find the boy anything but hysterical. He grills Chloe, but she is saved when Parker calls Daniel "Daddy" for the first time. Jennifer warns Chloe she is on to her and she won't give up Daniel without a fight. When Parker runs a high fever, Chloe tries to reach Daniel. She fails because Jennifer lied about where she and Daniel were going. Kristen decides to jilt Brady at their wedding, just as John left her. When she later hints at marriage to Brady, however, he laughs in her face. John confronts Stefano in Europe. Rafe and Sami have an ugly, bitter fight when he forces her to admit she slept with E.J. Their argument then extends to the situation with Will and Gabi, and Sami warns that Will may end up wanting partial custody of the baby -- and if he decides he wants full custody, he'll surely win, since Gabi is about to marry a convicted murderer. Using an untraceable phone, Nick texts Lucas with an ominous message: "I know your son shot E.J. DiMera." Nick plants a surveillance device on Will, and as Will and Lucas try to figure out who might know the truth, Nick cleverly gets it all on tape. Will gives Sonny back the key to their apartment. He painfully admits he was willing to give up his own child in order to hang on to Sonny. Nicole, fighting her feelings, tries to put some distance between her and Eric. He's thrown -- and just a little hurt. Abigail fears Cameron will not want her if he learns she is a virgin.

SNEAK PEEK: Marlena and Stefano join forces.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Noah gives Adriana her money, telling her to leave town. When Congressman Wheeler tries to get Avery to tell him about a case she's working on, Avery informs him that she can't share information with a third party. Wheeler reminds her that he testified in the original case. Leslie is startled to run into Congressman Wheeler. Leslie pulls Tyler aside to tell him about her encounter with Wheeler and that he recognized her. Tyler says he isn't worried about Wheeler as much as he is worried about the case Avery is working on for the Innocence Foundation. Avery is shocked as she comes face to face with Dylan. Nick interrupts and happily introduces Avery to the new bartender. An emotional Avery tells Dylan that he left her, and as he tries to explain, Leslie interrupts them to ask about Avery's case. Avery lays into Dylan about letting her believe he was dead and for coming back like this. When Avery tells Dylan how she has moved on, Dylan asks her if she loves Nick. Avery tells Nick that the man she had an affair with is alive. Cane talks up Chelsea's designs to Neil, but Neil tells him that he should have consulted him before approaching Chelsea about her designs. Cane assures Chelsea she will be working for Jabot before too long. When Victor tells Nikki that he wants to get married right away, Nikki tells him that she would like to wait until the new ranch house is finished. Sharon and Adam start to realize how close they are becoming as they work together. When Sharon leaves, Adam takes his framed photo of Chelsea and puts it in a drawer. Sharon reminds Adam that their time together was not healthy and they can't go back to the way things used to be. Neil is honored when Jack asks him to be his sponsor. Jack and Phyllis share an intimate moment, as he tests out the new Jabot perfume. Lauren and Michael argue over Jamie's accusations against Fen. Fen asks Michael if he would actually put him in jail. Michael is stunned when Fen accuses him of being a hypocrite.

SNEAK PEEK: A shattered relationship.

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