Bradenton Patriot fans gang up on the Ravens

rdymond@bradenton.comFebruary 4, 2013 

MANATEE -- Those cheers you might have heard at Beef 'O' Brady's restaurant on Cortez Road Sunday night during Super Bowl 47 were not coming from Baltimore Raven or San Francisco 49er fans.

Roughly 20 confident New England Patriot fans reserve a party room every year at the restaurant for late January and early February for the expected playoff run and Super Bowl. They are booked for 2014, too.

Although they enjoyed their "Patriot Room" for the playoffs this year, the Ravens knocked the Pats out in the AFC Championship game.

But it didn't stop these fans, like Ron and Kathy Keating, Maryalice Burke and Elaine Colarossi from having a Super Bowl party Sunday and rooting hard for guess who -- the 49ers to knock off the dreaded Ravens.

"Anyone but the Ravens," yelled Judy Fraser, who, with her husband, Dick, is the ringleader of the Patriot group, which include dangerously rabid Pat fans Cornelia Callahan, Frank Sena, Gerry and Kathy Coyle and Rick and Maureen Hartnett.

"The Ravens beat us twice this year," grumbled Irene Sherbuda's husband, Vic, who came wearing his Patriots' hat.

Richard Gorab, Mary Gaughan and Jack and Nancy Flynn weren't happy at halftime, with Baltimore up 21-6.

Marty Dosher and Lois Walery said they had no predictions about a final score. "We're here for the party," they said.

Nearby, Barbara Metzer was serving her guests at a packed Super Bowl party at Drift In Bar, 2709 Cortez Road, one of Bradenton's oldest.

Drift In is a neighborhood bar where cold beverages and cigarettes go hand-in-hand and no one seems to mind.

"We're a working man's bar and we get customers from age 21 to 90," Metzer said.

Weighing in at age 73, Jon Misner of Bradenton is a good example of a Drift In guy. He's from Indianapolis, has been in Bradenton since 1978, and is a diehard Chicago Bears' fan.

"I go back to Dick Butkus and the Bears' wars with the Green Bay Packers," Misner said. "I bet my brother-in-law on every Packer-Bear game over the years and he probably got the best of me, but not by too much."

It was obvious from the cheers that Drift In customers seemed to be rooting mostly for San Francisco, but for Misner these were two throw-back teams which hit hard, like the old Bears and Packers.

"I'd like to see the Ravens win but I also like the 49ers," said Misner, who just sat back and enjoyed the game without having a real stake in it, which is probably the best way to watch a Super Bowl.

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