Manatee suspected apprehended with aid of stun gun

February 3, 2013 

MANATEE -- A man wanted for theft and defrauding pawn broker charges hid from Manatee County Sheriff's deputies and tried to flee, but was apprehended with the use of a stun gun Sunday afternoon, the sheriff's office reported.

Deputies initially were dispatched to check out a suspicious vehicle parked in the 7200 block of Westmoreland drive. The male passenger, Eric Baun, 36, told deputies that his mother was the caretaker of the residence and that he had gone to the house to see her, the sheriff's office reported.

The mother confirmed his story to deputies and provided his name. The deputy asked the mother to have her son step back outside so he could get more information. The mother returned and said her son fled out the back door. The mother admitted she gave deputies a fake name because there are warrants for her son's arrest and she is fearful of him because he is on drugs.

A check of his real name revealed he was wanted on several charges. Deputies checked the area but were unable to locate him.

Around 3 p.m., a neighbor called the sheriff's office and reported the suspect had returned to the house.

While deputies went to the front door, other deputies went to the back of the house and saw Baun trying to hide in a large turtle house. A deputy challenged Baun, who exited his hiding spot and attempted to flee, the sheriff's office reported.

The deputy used his stun gun and Baun immediately fell to the ground. Deputies found several small ornate silver spoons and an ashtray in Braun's possession. The items were photographed and sent to the homeowner, who identified the items as hers.

Baun complained of chest pains and sore ribs, and was transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital by Emergency Medical Services, the sheriff's office reported.

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