Anna Maria commissioners rescind vote on short-term rentals

HERALD STAFF REPORTJanuary 30, 2013 

ANNA MARIA -- Saying that maybe they had been premature last week in voting to enforce existing restrictions on short-term rental properties, Anna Maria city commissioners Tuesday night rescinded that action by a 3-1 vote.

On Jan. 24, residents packed city hall to voice their displeasure with short-term rentals bringing unwanted noise, traffic and people into the community.

Commissioner Dale Woodland supported rescinding the previous vote, which he called a "knee-jerk" reaction to a problem that needed more study.

To that end, commissioners agreed to begin meeting in weekly workshops on Thursdays to grapple with the building and short-term rental problem.

"We need to refocus on the issue," Woodland said.

Tuesday's meeting attracted another packed house to city hall.

Commissioner John Quam agreed that the commission last week failed to "thoroughly review the ramifications."

Voting in favor of the motion to rescind last week's vote were Woodland, Quam, and Gene Aubry, with Chuck Webb dissenting.

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