Journalism Next from Palmetto High School: Students show appreciation for special teacher

Special to the HeraldJanuary 27, 2013 

"A new year, a new you."

Many people have heard this quote used before, but how many times has it actually been put to action is the bigger question.

Every year, our society has been progressing towards a more self-centered, individualist-oriented one than it was years before. In a July edition of USA Today, an article was published on the self-centeredness of modern society. But for Palmetto High School math teacher Michelle Bush, she manages to prove the article wrong.

It started off as just a normal school day for the math teacher, until a group of students showed up in her classroom that morning. She did not really know what to think of the situation, until they presented her with a Christmas gift, which turned out to be a brand new iPod Touch. The group of students had all pitched in and bought this special teacher an iPod.

This was no spontaneous action. It took careful planning and organization to get everyone together for such a cause. About a month before this plan was arranged, Mrs. Bush had misplaced her iPod. She told all of her classes

about her misplacement and was really hoping she would find it, but never did.

Casey Edwards, a senior at Palmetto, decided to create a Facebook event page and invited anyone who had been in Mrs. Bush's class to take part.

"Our friend Spencer was the one who came up with the idea and that's what gave Casey Edwards the idea to create the Facebook page. That's when she asked for my help to organize this event," said Pedro Cavillo, senior at Palmetto.

Anyone who has had Mrs. Bush for a teacher always has good things to say about her. She is always helping her students and teaching them what they need to know to pass her class. Her students wanted to give back to such an amazing teacher.

"Mrs. Bush is the only teacher who can make extremely hard math classes fun. You never know what crazy things she will say or assign. Also, her colorful personality and wardrobe make it impossible to ever be bored in her class. I don't know anyone who doesn't absolutely love her," said Emily Blackburn, a senior at Palmetto.

Pedro and Casey spent two weeks raising the funds to purchase the iPod Touch. They had students from the previous year, as well as the current year, donate money to the cause. Some students could only donate a dollar, while others donated more, but with all the donations, it was made possible.

One of the donors, senior Jessica Hobbs, said Mrs. Bush is very dedicated and cares about her students succeeding in the future.

After they received all the donations and raised enough money, Casey and Pedro went to Wal-Mart to purchase the iPod. The total cost came out to be $191. They also purchased a card to bring with the gift that was signed by all the students who donated the money. It was agreed by everyone that the last morning of school before break, they would go into Mrs. Bush's room to give her the present.

"That was the most surprised I've been in my whole entire life. I'm still thinking it through, but it doesn't surprise me that my students would do that. I've been teaching for a long time now, and these have to be the best students I've ever taught. They are very caring and unselfish," said Mrs. Bush.

The students entered Mrs. Bush's room together and then presented her the brand new iPod. As she opened the gift and saw what it was, astonishment spread across her face, and tears filled her eyes. She could not believe what has happening and was speechless from the gesture by her students. As words finally came to her, she thanked all of her students and hugged them for bringing her such happiness.

This handful of students stepping up proves that there are still selfless people living in America today. They may be hard to come by, like looking for a needle in a hay stack, but not all of society has turned to just thinking of only themselves.

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