Public Records for Jan. 27, 2013

January 27, 2013 


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex. Listed are the borrower's name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit


No records.


Andrew Greathouse et al, $230,732, Countrywide Home Loans Inc., 2008-CA-010822, online.

James W. Rauth et al, $216,725, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2008-CA-010942, online.

Dennis D. Bradford et al, $239,101, H&R Block Bank, 2009-CA-011395, online.

Brett A. William et al, $344,916, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2009-CA-011500, online.

Nathan L. Roby et al, $191,963, 2010-CA-000300, online.

Sheila Anne Davis et al, $362,344, US Bank NA et al, 2010-CA-002956, online.

Suzan L. Bogg et al, $295,123, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2010-CA-004350, online.

Martha Richardson et al, $132,235, Citimortgage Inc., 2010-CA-005725, online.

Luis Ramon Savigne et al, $90,316, Citimortgage Inc., 2010-CA-008479, online.

Robert D. Hild Jr. et al, $433,290, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2010-CA-008722, online.

Michael Todoroff et al, $162,037, HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., 2010-CA-009448, online.

Mahal King et al, $122,304, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2011-CA-000313, online.

Pauline Fotu et al, $173,536, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al,2011-CA-002002, online.

Susan D. Sirus et al, $185,728, Resi Whole Loan III LLC, 2011-CA-002560, online.

Ruth Martin Shull et al, $63,238, Citimortgage Inc., 2011-CA-003130, online.

William R. Jenkins et al, $97,760, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank et al, 2011-CA-003348, online.

Natalie Spangler et al, $228,593, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, 2011-CA-003767, online.

Donald Grayson et al, $131,914, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2011-CA-005499, online.

Ginger Colgate et al, $283,207, Liberty Savings Bank FSB, 2011-CA-006993, online.

Michael H. Reynolds et al, $243,641, Bank of America NA et al, 2011-CA-008286, online.

Rhonda G. Suponic et al, $173,716, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2012-CA-000156, online.

Donald Calrk et al, $137,851, Freedom Mortgage Corpration, 2012-CA-001251, online.

Kimberly L. Donaghy et al, $153,994, Everbank, 2012-CA-002000, online.

Anthony Shinholster et al, $145,356, Bank of New York Mellon et al, 2012-CA-002350, online.


Toni Lombardi et al, $335,659, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2008-CA-01217, online.

Mark F. Melichar et al, $242,554, Suntrust Bank, 2009-CA-001272, online.

Misty Smeltzer et al, $200,669, Suntrust Mortgage Inc., 2009-CA-011054, online.

Christopher D. Berloni et al, $471,893, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP et al, 2010-CA-001443, online.

Stephen M. WIlkos et al, $285,789, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-003062, online.

Dalia Koss et al, $402,990, Wells Fargo Bank NA et al, 2011-CA-008116, online.

Robin J. Sarmiento et al, $487,023, HSBC Bank NA et al, 2012-CA-001594, online.

Florita A. Davis et al, $193,346, Federal National Mortgage Association, 2012-CA-002591, online.

Randy G. Russell et al, $239,146, HSBC Bank USA NA et al, 2012-CA-002709, online.

Amerson Nurseries Inc. et al, $226,668, Farm Credit of Florida ACA et al, 2012-CA-002767, online.

Boyce Wiley et al, $832,154, Whitney Bank, 2012-CA-004964, online.


Gilles Armand et al, $216,524, FNBN I LLC et al, 2009-CA-003472, online.

Abel Rodriguez et al, $203,180, US Bank NA, 2010-CA-006079, online.

Cintia Gabrielle Manasseh et al, $280,139, US Bank NA et al, 2011-CA-000034, online.


Joseph Balcom et al, $228,879, Aurora Loan Services LLC et al, 2008-CA-004577, online.


The following businesses have applied for occupational licenses in Manatee County cities:


Continental 117 Fund LLC, 4601 66th St. W., rental units, Continental 117 Fund LLC, 941-761-7452.

Flores Landscaping & Maintenance Inc., 5714 12th St. E., lawn, yard and garden care, Isaac Tranquilino-Eutimo, 941-592-0935.

Inches Fitness Inc., 4702 Cortez Road W., health machine, Inches Fitness Inc., 941-896-8878.

J&M Landscaping, 6712 Conetta Dr., Sarasota, lawn, yard and garden care, Michael Weiss, 941-727-0428.

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