Shufflin' | District hosts successful Florida Hall of Fame Banquet

Special to the HeraldJanuary 22, 2013 

The 53rd annual Florida Hall of Fame Banquet held Jan. 14 at the Courtyard by Marriott on the Manatee River was a smashing success. The banquet moves from district to district each year, so it was doubly sweet to host this one during the Shuffleboard Centennial Year. Stan and Flo Kowaleski are credited with wonderful arrangements that were enjoyed by 125 guests.

Four inductees this year included players Jeannie Andrews and Dorine Bessette, who achieved 200 lifetime points in Florida State Tournaments as pros. Jeannie is from the Central East Coast District and is FSA Treasurer and SE states Director of the USA National Shuffleboard Association. Dorine is from the Northern District and comes from Massachusetts.

Glen Peltier of the West Coast District received the coveted President's Award. A pro since 1983, Glen has more points (1,250) than any man in Florida history. He also is author of "Winning Shuffleboard" in book, DVD and tape versions. He is a superb player and promoter.

Ed O'Neal received the Special Award for contributions to shuffleboard. He developed computer programs for tournament directors and is Keeper of Records, editor of the PREVIEW and a tournament director.

All these inductions are well-deserved.

The Roll of Champions pins for 2011-12 also were presented at the banquet. SWCD gold-medal recipients included Jerry Everett, Jim L. Miller, Jerry Stannard, Jim Bailey and Judy Taylor. Paul Miller, Mel Erb, Dave Kudro, Joyce Marquis and Shirley McCullough received silver medals. And John L. Brown, Larry Mardis, Larry Taylor, Marlene Coburn and Nancy Sclafani earned bronze medals.

District men won 10 of 24 medals, and ladies won five of 24. That is a total of 15 of 48 medals from one of seven districts. Seldom has one district received such a high percentage in one year.

Tournament results

n FL P-16, National Singles Jan. 14 at Bradenton. Ladies Non-Walking -- Main: 1. Joyce Marquis, 2. Shirley McCullough, 3. Flo Kowalewski, 4. Emma Searcy. Consolation: 1. Margaret Hartzler. Ladies Walking -- Main: 1. Judy Taylor, 2. Marilyn Everett. Consolation: 3. Nancy Sclafani. Men's Non-Walking -- Main: 1. Ben Coy, 3. Bob Kendall, 4. Bob Cooter. Consolation: 1. Grant Childerhose, 2. Mel Erb, 3. Mike Marquis, 4. Charlie Devries. Men's Walking -- Main 3. Larry Mardis, 4. John L. Brown. Consolation: 1. Ron Nurnberger.

n FL A-13 Jan. 17 at Port Charlotte. Any Amateurs/Any Doubles -- Main: 1. Al Kaleel-Elmer Heisler. Consolation: 2, Dan Lake-Bill Faudree.

n SWCD D-13 Jan. 17 at Tri-Par, M/L Draw Restricted to State Ams and Pros -- Ladies Main: 1. Ruth Knight-Nancy Sclafani, 2. Kathy Boutwell-Wilson-Marlene Slosser, 3. Emma Searcy-Letha DeVries, 4. Marcia Brazier-Joyce Marquis. Consolation: 1. Alice Barlow-Erika Berg, 2. Pam Nurnberger-Dianne Leonard, 3. Arlene McCague-Mae Kase, 4. Evelyn White-Ingrid Broadhead. Men Main: 1. Hank Hoekstra-Mel Erb, 2. Sherman White-Ron Nurnberger, 3. Ira Snook-Clarence Gingerich, 4. Jim Rathburn-Charlie Hearn. Consolation: 1. Dwayne Cross-Max Munk, 2. Larry Toole-David Welsh, 3. Charlie DeVries-Mike Marquis, 4. Bob Grisson-Jim Smith.

n SWCD A-10 Jan. 18 at Tri-Par, Any Ams/Any Doubles -- Main 1. Mike Keeping-Bill Reinbolt, 2. Siggy Gudzus-Phil Krick, 3. Gary Hartzler-Ray Rossen, 4. Jerry Rahl-Larry Lumsden. Consolation: 1. Ken and Carol Maxwell, 2. Ruby Flickinger-Betty Sparks, 3. Paul Nadeau-Bill Comford, 4.Jill DeBruyne-Carol McLeod.

Future tournaments

n Tuesday is the second day of FL P-17 National Mens/Ladies Doubles at Trailer Estates. Also Tuesday is the second day of FL A-14A at Avon Park Any Ams/Any Doubles and A-14B at Riverwoods Plantation, Any Ams/Any Doubles. Note: last week's column failed to list FL A-14A and B. Some distributed schedules have error in FL Amateurs, but the Current PREVIEW center spread is correct. PREVIEW's are still available at $1.

n Jan. 24 is SWCD D-14 at Palmetto, M/L Draw 16 frames or 75 points, Restricted to State Ams and Pros. Lunch is available. Friday at Palmetto, District Ams/Any Doubles, 16 frames or 75 points.

n Jan. 28, FL P-18A at Zephyrhills Betmar, Open M/L Doubles, and P-18B at Hollywood. Also Jan. 28 FL A-15 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Any Ams/Any Doubles.


n Shirley McCullough reached 200 points at the State-Sponsored Singles. She already had 199, and second in Main at State-Sponsored Singles yields six points, so she has 205 already. Red Line tournaments Main Events are 8-6-5-3 for 1st through 4th.

n At the Singles on Jan. 14, the Centennial Pin honored not one person, but Bradenton Shuffleboard Club, as one of the oldest and formerly very large membership clubs. After Ken Offenther recited the history of the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club, I wondered if it could join Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg on the National Register of Historic Places. When Mirror Lake received this honor a few years ago, $800,000 was appropriated to spruce it up. Such a gift could fund a roofover!

Happy shuffling.

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