Soap Opera Updates: Starr walks in on shocking news on 'GH'

Creators SyndicateJanuary 13, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill is blindsided by pointed fingers and wild accusations regarding his drinking. Bill is put on the spot in front of a room full of people to answer to the allegations that Hope has hurled at him. Hope is stunned to learn how many people knew the truth about Bill's deceptions. Liam catches Steffy up on Caroline's fall, Rick's lie and what happened at the hospital. Steffy bluntly asks Liam if the future of their relationship has changed now that he knows the truth. Marcus confronts Justin about what really went down in Italy with Bill and Deacon. Hope spills the beans to Liam about all of the conniving that Bill did to sabotage their Italian wedding. She is hoping that the revelation of the truth will make way for them to reunite. Knowing that Liam is being told the truth, Bill prepares him to reap the consequences of his actions. Liam is stunned by the over-the-top display of remorse by Bill while confronting him about his transgressions. Bill agrees to stop trying to control his son's personal life as long as Liam doesn't cut him out of it. Liam does not know Bill's manipulations aren't over yet.

SNEAK PEEK: A new president.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: A guilt-ridden Marlena admits to John that she's known about Brady and Kristen's affair for quite some time and never told him. She tries to explain why she kept quiet, but a furious John realizes she isn't telling him the real reason and decides to check into a hotel. Daniel is thrown when Chloe shows up on his doorstep. He informs her he's preparing for a date with Jennifer, but Chloe won't leave. On the eve of Gabi and Nick's wedding, Sami and Rafe get caught up in the romance. Meanwhile, Will again clashes with Nick. Later, Eric leads the wedding rehearsal, and everything is set for the big day to be perfect -- but someone watches and waits in the shadows with the knowledge that Nick is not the real father of Gabi's child.

SNEAK PEEK: Chad reveals the truth.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: While Starr reels over the news about Johnny having been the real killer of her family, Johnny reveals to Carly and Dante that Todd is every bit as much of a criminal as he is. Starr walks in and learns that Todd knew all this time that Johnny killed Cole and Hope. Dante arrests Johnny and Todd, taking them to a shared jail cell. Sonny has a drunken fantasy about Kate coming back. Connie reacts to the sight of Trey. Ellie awakens from surgery and asks for Spinelli. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Maxie contend with the fallout from their one-night stand. Under the misapprehension that Ellie chose to stay away, Spinelli is led to wonder if it's a sign that he should reconnect with Maxie. John McBain reveals to Sam that Faison admitted to shooting Jason and kicking his body in the river. Sam, in denial, thinks that Faison could be holding him as a hostage. Luke bribes a guard and recovers his cellphone. He calls Anna. She confirms that Luke was right about Duke. Duke realizes that Anna is still freaked out that Faison had Duke's face. Maxie is on the cusp of telling Dante and Lulu the truth when Luke calls Lulu. Lulu hears what sounds like a gunshot, and the call is ended. Sonny visits Connie in jail and offers to pay her bail so she can spend time with her son. A.J. gets Michael's support in his bid to have Tracy removed as CEO at ELQ.

SNEAK PEEK: Lucy moves in.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Billy tells Victoria that he's accepted Jack's offer to work at Newman Enterprises, as they discuss how to get Adam out of the company. Billy assures her that nothing will go wrong as long as they stick together. When Avery finds Nick with Dylan's dog tags, she admits that Dylan was the man she had an affair with. When Alex confronts Adriana, she denies taking the drug money -- but Alex is reluctant to believe her. Adriana pleads with Noah to help her. At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe that they need to launder the stolen cash. Chloe hides the bag of money as Michael arrives. When Michael spots some of the stolen money on the floor, Chloe lies and says that she withdrew that money from her bank account to stall the foreclosure. Chloe worries that Alex knows they have the stolen money. Lauren gets a text from Michael that he'll be late to meet her at the Athletic Club. At the bar, Carmine holds up a bottle and asks her if she'd like some champagne. Carmine tells her it's on the house, as they discuss Fen's troublesome behavior. Nikki overhears Victor tell the investigator he is going to expose Jack when he comes back to town. The investigator exits, as Victor reveals to Nikki he's going to tell the press that Jack is hooked on painkillers. Nikki replies that Jack's problem is private and points out that Jack didn't take pills for recreational use. Congressman Wheeler learns that Victor's investigator saw Jack leave the Athletic Club with his daughter Stephanie on New Year's Eve.

SNEAK PEEK: Phyllis has heartbreaking choice.

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