Consider noise test for proposed Lakewood Ranch gun range

January 12, 2013 

One thought on the proposed Lakewood Ranch clay shooting club some 4,000 feet from church and school grounds: Why not allay the concerns of club opponents, fearful that children will hear a barrage of shotgun blasts from the range?

Demonstrate no noise will be heard that far away by firing off a batch of shells at the range site while adults listen all those many yards away.

This week a Manatee County hearing officer indicated future approval on the Ancient Oak Gun Club's permit application, which is a Schroeder-Manatee Ranch project. The hearing, though, could be reopened with a decision due on either course of action by Jan. 24.

Both Bayside Community Church and Center Montessori School oppose approval out of concern that the children attending both would become anxious over hearing the gunfire -- even though assured the low-power, small-shot loads in the shells are quieter than hunting shotgun shells.

So how about a test?

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