Soap opera updates: Jan. 6

Creatores SyndicateJanuary 6, 2013 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Caroline maintains her cool and justifies why she felt the need to expose Bill's manipulations. Bill is irate that Caroline would betray his trust and says that she will pay for what she has done. Hope questions Liam about whether or not the truth about their relationship being revealed changes anything between them. Hope demands that Bill stay away as she attempts to win Liam back. When Liam tells Steffy that he met up with Hope, she pleads with him not to go down that negative path again. Hope's heart is broken when Liam responds to her impassioned plea for them to reunite. Katie begins to wonder if Bill is beginning to have a drinking problem that is impairing his judgment. An unfortunate accident sends Caroline to the emergency room, and all fingers point at Bill for the blame. Alison arrives at the hospital at Bill's request and provides him with "assistance" to get him through the rough day. Bill tries to clear his name of any fault with his family concerning Caroline's accident, but suspicion still hovers over him.

SNEAK PEEK: Bill is overcome with remorse.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: It's New Year's Eve in Salem, and there are plenty of "fireworks" to go around. John confronts Kristen about her feelings for Brady, and in a stunning moment, she reveals she's been plotting her revenge against John since the day she returned to Salem. John comes to the horrifying conclusion that Kristen is just as evil as ever and vows she will never come between him and Brady. Brady asks if Marlena will ever accept Kristen in his life, and a vehement Marlena says no. Brady finally loses his cool and hits John to defend Kristen's honor -- causing the two men to have a full-blown fistfight. In the aftermath of John and Brady's fight, both are hospitalized and treated. John realizes that Marlena knew Brady was sleeping with Kristen. Sami and Eric are stunned to learn of their step-brother's affair with Kristen. While Sami and Rafe prepare for their respective New Year's Eve dates with E.J. and Nicole, they can't stop thinking of one another.

SNEAK PEEK: John moves out.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Trey says his goodbyes to Connie while Kristina's attention is drawn to the car's trunk, from which a strange sound originates. The foursome piles into a car and takes pursuit. Todd escorts Carly to the New Year's party on the Haunted Star. Olivia is dogged by visions. Maxie finds out that she is the reason Ellie ended her relationship with Spinelli. Connie comes barreling down the road in her car. She slams on the brakes. After the crash, Starr and Michael check on Kristina and Trey. They rush to help Connie and Johnny. Starr discovers Connie hanging onto the edge of the same cliff where Cole and Hope died. Maxie stumbles onto the roof, where a drunk Spinelli assumes the worst when it comes to Ellie. Carly and Todd make love.

SNEAK PEEK: Connie tempts A.J.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: On New Year's Eve, Nick takes Avery to his new club, The Underground, where they count down the New Year together and share a romantic kiss. Nikki and Victor celebrate with Michael and Lauren. Victor promises to win his company back in the New Year. Later, Victor and Nikki dance and share a New Year's Eve kiss. At the athletic club, Jack orders a drink at the bar as a beautiful redhead named Stephanie sits down next to him. An intoxicated Jack kisses Stephanie as they ring in the New Year. The next morning, Jack wakes up with a horrible hangover and sees Stephanie passed out on the floor. Adam tells Chelsea they can move abroad. Before they can finish discussing options, Adam receives a call from Jack and leaves to help him. When Jack refuses to go to rehab, Adam threatens to go to the press with details about Jack's addiction. Adam tells Chelsea they can't leave town because he might have to run Newman Enterprises during Jack's absence. Jack tells Phyllis that he realizes he has hit bottom. When Phyllis suggests that he go to rehab, Jack says that he wants to keep this private and get a counselor. Jack informs Victor that he is going away for a while to get some rest and that Adam will be running the company in his absence.

SNEAK PEEK: Chloe and Kevin are in trouble

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