A great idea: real estate listings highlighting green construction

January 5, 2013 

Here's a wonderful development in the real estate world for home buyers very interested in environmental sensitivity: the multiple listing service that covers Manatee, Sarasota and 16 other counties plans to list the "green" aspects of residential and commercial properties.

My Florida Regional MLS hopes to list such details as toilet type, appliances, insulation, paint, air conditioning and landscaping as buyers express ever increasing interest in energy efficiency and green certifications. This add great value to a home in lower utility bills and green credits.

While all this information would be a boon on MLS listings, the year-old system is not generating widespread support among real estate agents and developers, a baffling reaction.

Schroeder-Manatee Ranch has been committed to green construction with every village built in Lakewood Ranch since 2005 meeting the Florida Green Building Coalition's Green Home Standard. Lakewood Ranch boasts about being the largest green community in America.

We would think there would be a stampede by agents and builders to join this national trend. Maybe soon.

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