The Bradenton Herald's top 10 photo galleries of 2012

January 1, 2013 

Visitors go the Bradenton Herald's website,, for news, information and especially the photographs.

Photos have always told stories in ways that words cannot. And if you have a gallery of photos, even better.

What kind of galleries were the most popular galleries this year?

The short answer: all kinds. Good news, bad news, community successes, community problems.

Here's our top 10 most viewed galleries of 2012:

1. A Stroll Down Riverwalk

2. Tropical Storm Debby Damage in Manatee County

3. DeSoto Grand Parade and 5K Race

4. Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-75

5. Food Stamp Fraud

6. Manatee High School Homecoming

7. Riverwalk Opening Day

8. Golden Heralds

9. First Day of School

10. Manatee High School 2012 Graduation

-- Compiled by William Winter,

Bradenton Herald web developer

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