Journalism Next from Bayshore High School: Band enters new musical chapter

Special to the HeraldDecember 31, 2012 

The Bayshore High School Golden Regiment has a new director and a new attitude.

This was the first time in years that the Golden Regiment has marched in a non-required competition. This competition was held at Timber Creek High School in Orlando on Oct. 6. The Golden Regiment placed first in their division and received the following awards: Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Music, Outstanding Percussion, Outstanding Visual, and Outstanding Auxiliary.

The Golden Regiment has been working on their show since early August. Their show features songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Daniel Boyd, director of the Golden Regiment, has been at Bayshore since late last school year and has already changed many things, including the goals and expectations of the band as a whole.

Cheyenne Atkinson, drum major of the Golden Regiment, said the band performed better than she had expected. Cheyenne also stated that her biggest personal challenge this year was "being a reliable and consistent drum major for the band. My favorite part of this experience was seeing the Golden Regiment work so hard this entire time," Cheyenne said.

The Golden Regiment Marching Band also performed their show at the Music Performance Assessment on Oct. 27 at Manatee High School. This performance is not a competition against other county marching bands, but more of a test for the bands.

The Golden Regiment got an overall rating of excellent. The bands were judged on percussion, auxiliary, music, and marching and maneuvering.

"This was our best performance of the season, we didn't peak too early or too late, which is one of the main worries I had," Mr. Boyd said.

Mr. Boyd made sure that "teamwork was a common goal, education is mainly solo work, so, many kids have never had to work in a group which is important because that's how the real world works. These kids have learned to work with each other very efficiently despite their differences," he said.

Mr. Boyd also said that he believes that the band performed to their full potential at this event.

"One of the most difficult things about this experience was since we're a small band we perform first, this means that we have the smallest audience, which can be very discouraging but the Golden Regiment still managed to sell their show very well."

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