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Honeybears and Bruins dance teams perform at Taste of Manatee

Special to the HeraldDecember 31, 2012 

Taste of Manatee is an exciting community event that showcases some of the great foods Bradenton has to offer, not only is there food at this event but also there are many performances during the two days it takes place.

This Taste of Manatee took place at Riverwalk in downtown Bradenton. This event is mainly centered around the different restaurants in our area. There are also performances every year at Taste of Manatee, The Bayshore high school Honeybears and Bruins have been performing here for several years.

This year at Taste of Manatee performances took place on either the Mosaic Theatre outdoor stage or at a stage in the center of the food tents. The Honeybears and Bruins performed at the Mosaic Theatre from 2:40 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Nov. 4.

The Honeybears and Bruins performed seven dances; of those dances there was one solo, performed by Olivia Stief, three hip-hop dances, one jazz number, and two lyrical/contemporary dances.

Olivia Stief, Honeybears captain and senior soloist, performed her solo titled, "Spectrum." Olivia stated that her solo was a modern-ballet piece and she had been preparing for this performance for a week. When asked about her obstacles, Olivia said, "The biggest challenge this Sunday was performing all seven dances back-to-back without water breaks in between." Many of the dancers commented on the new location and Olivia said, "The stage was so much better this year because it really showcased our dancing, unlike the past locations."

A relatively large audience showed up this year to watch the Honeybears perform. The outdoor theatre was packed with family, friends, and other supporters. "We depend on audience feedback to excite us when we perform," said Lindsay Olson, senior at Bayshore and captain of the Honeybears. She said that her favorite part of this event is "getting to show the community something we're passionate about." Lindsay said that she's most proud of the team for performing well at the new venue because "a new environment can be intimidating."

Mrs. Melecia Perren, dance instructor at Bayshore, loves having the team perform at this event because "it's one of the very few community events we get to perform at and it is a great opportunity to showcase our program."

The team prepared for this performance for three weeks, meticulously cleaning the dances and making sure things was up to Mrs. Perren's standards. At the end of the performance Mrs. Perren said that she was pleased with the performance and that she was "proud of the team for being able to perform so many dances back to back very well." The team looks forward to next year's performance.

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