Soap opera updates: Dec. 30

Creators SyndicateDecember 30, 2012 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Pam receives a sign that Stephanie will be around in spirit to watch over the family's celebration. Bill and Katie celebrate Baby's First Christmas with Will. Eric finds his own way to spend his first holiday without the love of his life, Stephanie, but it doesn't quite turn out the way that he had planned it. Hope is confident that now that Liam knows about the real reason why they are apart, he will want to reunite. Brooke reminds Hope that Steffy is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Liam. When Steffy learns about Rick's confession, she warns Hope to back off of Liam. Caroline maintains her cool and justifies why she felt the need to expose Bill's manipulations. Bill is irate that Caroline would betray his trust and threatens that she will pay for what she has done. Hope questions Liam about whether or not the truth about their relationship being revealed changes anything between them. Katie begins to wonder if Bill is beginning to have a drinking problem that is impairing his judgment.

SNEAK PEEK: Caroline's life is on the line.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: It's Christmas day, and the Hortons, Bradys, Kiriakises and DiMeras continue to celebrate the holiday. Kristen and Brady share a romantic Christmas morning in bed. They are soon interrupted, however, when E.J. and Chad drop by Kristen's hotel room, and Brady is forced to sneak out a window. The siblings exchange gifts, and then Stefano sends a heartfelt message to his children. After E.J. and Chad leave, Brady returns, and he and Kristen once again make love. Sami tracks down Rafe to question him about the disappearing act he pulled over Christmas. She gets more than she bargained for when Rafe reveals he saw her close moment with E.J. and decided he'd had it with the mixed signals he's been getting from her. She confesses she's been pulled in two different directions. Rafe says he's not interested in playing those kinds of games any longer and tells her he's done. Marlena is upset by the fact that she sent John to Brady's office, knowing Kristen is probably there with him. Indeed, John catches them in the act. He is mostly in shock and runs out. Brady follows him and tries to explain how this just happened, but he does have strong feelings for Kristen. He claims Kristen fought it and tried to push him away. But now that it's out in the open, Brady is glad. Meanwhile, Marlena confides in Hope that she has done something terrible -- not coming from the best of motives -- and it's something she may always regret. She encounters Kristen, who's deliberately looking a bit disheveled. Kristen tantalizes Marlena without actually telling her what happened. Marlena goes to question Brady. Meanwhile, Kristen is toasting to her success when someone knocks at the door -- and she opens to John. Rafe tells Nicole he's done competing for Sami. The two of them realize they have no plans to ring in the New Year -- and decide to do it together, setting them on a collision course with E.J.

SNEAK PEEK: Chloe's back.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Connie has Johnny stashed in the Haunted Star office to keep him from confessing to the police that he is responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope. She's leaving when Starr appears, looking for Johnny to finish their conversation that was interrupted by Todd's fake heart attack. Dante and Lulu comes to see Maxie and find out that Maxie called Spinelli rather than them on Christmas Eve when she had cramps. Ellie tells Spinelli that she broke up with him because she can't stand it that he left her on Christmas Eve to see to Maxie's needs, and that she thinks he is probably regretting he chose her over Maxie. Kristina and Trey break it to Alexis that she's moving with him to California. When Starr tries to call the police, Connie overtakes her. When Sam goes off on Todd for his part in the baby switch, however, Carly springs to Todd's defense. Sam leaves with a warning to Carly about Todd. Lucy continues to play Tracy against A.J. She leaves them with an offer and goes to the hospital to meet with Sabrina about the Nurse's Ball. Dante puts out an APB on Connie. Connie comes barreling down the road in her car.

SNEAK PEEK: A deadly holiday.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Billy tells Jack that all he wants for Christmas is for Jack to forget about running Newman and to go back to Jabot. Victoria persuades Billy to come with her to Christmas dinner at Nikki and Victor's. Meanwhile, Adam tells Jack he should reconsider folding Jabot into Newman. Back at home, Jack is haunted when he hears John say that he may have all the power, success and money that a man could want, but it doesn't mean anything if he doesn't have someone to share it with. Over Christmas dinner, Jack tells Phyllis that he's glad they've remained close after everything they've been through. Nick finds a pair of military dog tags with a man's name on them at Avery's apartment. Avery reflects on her past as she looks at the dog tags. Chloe tells Adam he should back Chelsea's new business as a silent partner to make up for what happened at TagNGrab. Adam and Chelsea exchange gifts. When Adam tells Chelsea that Sharon helped him realize that he shouldn't screw up what they have, Chelsea misunderstands and thinks Adam wants to be with her because Sharon rejected him. Chelsea runs out. Victor tells Nikki that they will start rebuilding the ranch after the New Year. Victor gives Adam a bottle of tequila and Jack's pills. Adam realizes that Victor wants Adam to use Jack's pills against him. Victor reminds Adam that he can easily throw Sharon and him in jail. Katherine accepts Tucker's invitation to dinner

SNEAK PEEK: Daniel says goodbye.

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