Shufflin' | Treat fellow players to gift of experience

December 18, 2012 

The greeting in my maternal grandparents' family was, upon entering the festivities, "Christmas gift!"

We descendants never knew if it was a reminder that the original Christmas gift was the life of the Christ child born in a manger, or alternatively, "Here we are exchanging gifts." It apparently came from Sweden, and none of us now speak Swedish, but I like either interpretation equally well.

How does this relate to shuffleboard in the 21st Century? If a proficient player registers for a draw, he or she offers self as a Christmas gift to a less-experienced player. Help them; demonstrate, encourage, and praise their improvement. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

When we finally build a roofover, it will require "Christmas gifts" from every shuffler to make it possible. Prayerfully prepare your response in advance. We owe it to the next generation and to each other. After all, we have played our whole career on the courts provided by a previous generation with little expense to us.

It has been wisely said that what we give is more important and more satisfying than what we get.

Tournament results

n Monday, Dec. 10, at Betmar FL P-11B. Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor. Consolation 4. Pat Batdorff-Pam Nurnberger. Men Consolation: 4. Gene McCullough-Ron Nurnberger.

n Thursday, Dec. 13, at Golf Lakes, SWCD Draw Doubles D-10: Men Main: 1. Ben Coy-Bob Grissom, 2. Jerry Stannard-Ron Nurnberger, 3. Ralph Butcher-Jim Smith, 4. Marion Erwin-Peter Berg. Consolation: 1. Tom Kase-Mel Erb, 2. Larry Toole-Darrel Blake, 3. Ron Lewandowski-Bob Cooter, 4. Nelson Kellogg-Clark Bennett. Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani-Joyce Marquis, 2. Shirley McCullough-Arlene McCague, 3. Carol Lumsden-Letha DeVries, 4. Joan McCurdy-Linda Wallingford. Consolation: 1. Pat Tomko-Pam Nurnberger, 2. Claudia Kellogg-Flo Childerhose, 3. Evelyn White-Heather Godson, 4. Carolyn Bailey-Flo Kowalewski.

n Friday, Dec. 14, at Golf Lakes, SWCD A-7, District Amateurs, Any Doubles. Main: 1. Mike Keeping-Bill Reinbolt, 2. Kathy Smith-Don Gray, 3. Chuck Huddleston-Keith Petty, 4. Wolter Bootsma-Tony DeLuca. Consolation: 1. Scott Fenimore-Gerry Johnson, 2. Ed Swope-Dennis Bittner, 3. Jerry Rahl-Ruby Flickinger, 4. Paul Stewart-Dave Patchkowski.

Future tournaments

n Tuesday is the second day of FL P-12A at Lee County and P-12B at Clearwater. Tuesday is the first day of FL A-8 Any amateurs/Any Doubles at Clearwater.

n Thursday, D-11 at Bradenton, M/L/ Division Restricted to State Ams and Pros.

n Friday, at Bradenton, SWCD A-8 District Ams/Any Doubles. 16 frames or 75 points.

n Advance notice: Wednesday, Dec. 26, at Bradenton FL P-13, Open to all. Thursday, Dec. 27, A-9 Any Amateur/Any Doubles at Bradenton.

n No district tournaments until Jan. 10.


n SWCD offers sympathy to Paul Lowe in his loss of Kae last week. Corkey has gone north for her services. He will return later. Golf Lakes will miss them as we all do. Kae was a good shuffler in her own right when she was healthy.

n Glen Peltier and Phil Rebholz were accorded Centennial pins at Fort Pierce last week. Glen is a past president, and Phil is current president of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. Glen has played for about three decades, has more points than any active player. Phil is carrying the ball today and is already in the Florida Hall of Fame. Their pictures are in the Centennial Calendar, which is available to all. Your purchase of a calendar supports the promotion of a great sport.

Happy shuffling.

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