Journalism Next from Lakewood Ranch High School: Dial up enhanced educations with cell phones

Special to the HeraldDecember 10, 2012 

A glance around Lakewood Ranch reveals students peeking down at their hands sneaking looks at their cell phones. But cell phone usage is prohibited during school hours because it is considered a distraction for students and even teachers.

The ban of cell phones needs to be removed since the newest technology of smart phones is very beneficial for educational purposes.

The LRHS policy is, "if we see them, we take them."

Any violation of this policy will result in confiscation and may result in suspension according to the school code of conduct. Even using cell phones for multi media purposes is considered inappropriate behavior and students who do so will be suspended.

Many teachers are very lenient on the cell phone rules and don't mind students having them out during class.

Senior David Gomez says, "Many of my teachers have no problem with me using my phone as long as they are not giving a lecture."

The cell phone rule is not being enforced equally at LRHS. Dual enrollment teachers encourage the usage of cell phones during class for research purposes. The computers supplied in school are very limited, while almost all students have smart phones that are just as efficient, if not more.

English teacher Michelle Seiler said, "I let my students use their cell phones because they can look up information much quicker, and are able to accomplish more during class."

With technology expanding, most class assignments can be found online. Students are taking the opportunity to look up homework, and do research for essays on their smart phones since computers are not always available when needed.

New technology has expanded and the amenities of cell phones are very helpful with academics.

Cell phones are useful for students who have left their calculators behind for math class, and calendars are perfect for staying organized and prepared for upcoming events and assignments. Access to educational bulletin board based programs such as Edmodo is very necessary to see which teachers will have projects due.

Senior Amber Hubbard says, "My cell phone helps me with many academic purposes. Instead of using my agenda I store all of my homework assignments in the calendar in my Iphone 5."

Even some parents of LRHS students think cell phones are a positive device to use for academic purposes.

Senior Ashlee Carls' mother, Heather said, " Having the internet on their phones does help my children to get their work done much easier because they don't have to be by a computer to finish it."

Although the rule of cell phones should be uplifted, administrators should still enforce consequences against students who abuse the privilege of using smart phones for anything other than academic purposes. Texting should not be permitted as this is a distraction for students, and cheating is also common as answers to tests can be passed around electronically.

Sophomore Jordan Bezet said, " I feel that cell phones are only a distraction when students use applications that are not educational, like video games."

Eventually all school should allow smart phones in school since technology is advancing. If it is not possible to supply every student with a laptop, then students need to be able to use cell phones so research papers can be completed using the internet and programs such as Edmodo can be accessed.

Junior Lauren Owen said, "I think smart phones are the future school technology."

Most agree that once cell phones are permitted in school, class work will be much easier to complete. The future of technology is in the shape of smart phones, and these portable computers will be helpful to every high school student and teacher.

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