Journalism Next from Lakewood Ranch High School: First quarter flew by and most Mustangs had a very successful school year start.

Special to the HeraldDecember 10, 2012 

The first quarter is already over, just like that. Students are finally finished scrambling to do whatever it takes and their first quarter report cards are ready to be published.

For freshmen the first quarter is an exciting time, but probably a little scary for some. It is their first taste of what it's like to be in a high schooler.

Freshman Tylor Kaufman is doing well so far. "I'm passing all of my classes and making sure I study hard to keep my grades up," he said.

The beginning of sophomore year is finally getting into the groove of the high school life. It's when students begin to realize how serious high school is. With classes being a lot harder than they were freshmen year, many sophomores have realized the importance of stepping up their seriousness for school.

Luckily, a lot of sophomores have said that the first quarter turned out well and they are satisfied with the outcome of their first quarter grades, like sophomore Jess McKinnon who said the first quarter ended very well for her. "I'm pretty satisfied with my grades, but next quarter I'm going to do even better," said Jess McKinnon.

Junior year is one that most colleges really look at, so it should be the most important year for students.

First quarter grades turned out good for juniors at LRHS. Most of them said that their grades are a lot better than last year, although they are taking harder classes. Even though the year is going well, adjusting to the new level of difficulty in their classes is the most challenging part of being a junior.

Junior Tori Lanni is a lot busier than she thought she would be. "Junior year isn't what I expected at all," Tori said. "It requires a lot more of my time and I need to work a lot harder this year than I did last year."

This is the last first quarter for seniors, so there's a lot of pressure to succeed this year. This is their last chance to impress colleges by getting good grades, joining clubs, and getting last-minute community service hours.

Senior Brooke Patro is very happy with Quarter 1. "My grades are really good and knowing that I'll be in college next year is so exciting yet scary," she said.

The last day of the first quarter was Oct. 19. For the majority of LRHS students, the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year is going by very well and many are happy with what this school year has to offer.

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