Soap opera updates: Dec. 9

Creators SyndicateDecember 9, 2012 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Brooke stuns Caroline and Rick when she admits that she knows about Bill's involvement with Deacon and even takes Bill's side. Caroline calls Bill for a meeting and threatens to tell Hope and Liam about how he manipulated them. Caroline informs Liam that Hope is still in love with him. Bill tells Caroline about his misdeeds but pushes back at her threats to expose him. Brooke finds herself in a difficult position when she is forced to take sides between Caroline and Bill. Hope uses an opportune moment with Liam alone to confess to him that she still loves him and wants him back. As Caroline is giving her a pep talk about not giving up on Liam, Hope senses that there is something that she is not being told. Feeling resistance from others about the changes that he wants to make at Forrester Creations, Thomas is reminded by Taylor that his inheritance from Stephanie now makes him the majority shareholder of the company. He does not need to get permission from anyone to move the company in the direction he desires. Rick sees red when Thomas flaunts that he is in charge and plans to make the changes, whether anyone likes it or not. Thomas gives Rick and Eric an ultimatum about their place within the company versus their lack of support for him.

SNEAK PEEK: Taylor knows too much.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami is appalled that Nicole is now working for Eric. When she pulls her brother aside to give him a piece of her mind, Eric points out that some of the things she's done were just as bad, if not worse, than Nicole. A stunned Marlena walks in on Brady making love to Kristen. To her horror, Kristen sees her. Marlena exits, and Kristen gasps regarding the intrusion. Brady didn't see Marlena. Rafe witnesses a close moment between Sami and E.J. Maggie goes to Daniel, whose hands are still shaking. She blames Jennifer for raising his hopes and expectations. Daniel admits he needs some time off, and Maggie encourages him to get away from Salem (and Jennifer). They agree he should go to the cabin at Smith Island. Meanwhile, Jennifer looks and feels terrible. Abigail is concerned, and Jennifer insists the cause is emotional: She can't get over her guilt about ruining Daniel's life. Nicole arrives at Smith Island, as Jennifer collapses in Daniel's arms. Daniel realizes Jennifer's appendix is about to burst. Abigail overhears Cameron making a hot date and realizes he has moved on.

SNEAK PEEK: The nightmares continue.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Helena Cassadine ventures to Wyndemere, believing she's come at Nikolas' invitation. Anna thinks over Duke's romantic weekend invitation. The folks gathered in Llanview receive a visit from an agent of the CIA, King. Blair demands King tell him what he knows of Tomas' connection to Alcazar. Blair attacks Todd, still unconvinced that he's not a part of this -- but Carly defends him. Dante and Lulu consider a plan to keep Maxie under their supervision. Maxie tells Spinelli and Ellie about her plan to be a surrogate. Obrecht arrives, summoned by Duke. A.J. tells Sam the company is so important to him because he wishes he could prove to his grandfather that he's worthy. Felicia informs Maxie she doesn't want her to serve as Lulu's surrogate. The argument gets tense when Maxie tells Felicia it's a little too late for her to be acting the concerned mother. John McBain is hired by Anna for the PCPD. Sonny and Carly argue over Michael's discovery that Sonny kidnapped Connie. Starr warns Todd not to expect Mom to fall into his arms. When Johnny's cold to Connie, she threatens to rat him out for killing Hope and Cole. Molly freaks out when she realizes her manuscript has been deleted. Faison and Obrecht discuss how to prove to Anna that Faison and Duke are two different people.

SNEAK PEEK: Looking for Lucy.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Avery takes Nick to a nightclub and suggests that he buy the place. Noah suggests a few ideas and asks Nick what is holding him back from jumping in. Billy tries to get Victoria to open up about her kidnapping. Jack apologizes to Billy and says he's glad that Victoria is all right. Victoria informs Jack that she is far from all right. Jack tells Victoria he wasn't aware she had been hurt. As Jack leaves, he takes more pills. Billy tells Victoria that he will never give up on their marriage. Adam and Chelsea get into a heated argument about Sharon's presence in their lives. Adam adamantly tells her that he isn't cheating, while Chelsea maintains that emotionally cheating is worse than physically. Sharon tells Dr. Watkins that Chelsea knows about the fire at the Newman ranch. Sharon tells Adam that she's not the person she used to be and that he needs to go to his wife and devote his energy to her. They hug and share a thoughtful goodbye. Sharon tells Nick she was diagnosed as bipolar. Victor gives Adam a printout of the details about Jack's painkillers and tells him to use the information against him so they can reclaim Newman. Leslie tells Neil that she's concerned about working with him at Jabot because of their history. Nikki brings Victor into their new penthouse for the first time. Victor suggests they have friends and family over for a celebration. The Newman family celebrates at the penthouse; Victor is stunned when he answers the door to find Sharon.

SNEAK PEEK: The end is near.

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