For now, parents in charge of child safety over Riverwalk playground-railroad proximity

November 24, 2012 

Bradenton's new Riverwalk continues to attract astounding crowds -- especially families with young children romping around the Family Fun Zone and Splash Pad. Some parents are expressing concerns about the potential dangers from trains passing close by, cutting across the park's path.

While a walkway railing provides some separation between the playground and the tracks, that's hardly a safety device. CSX trains pass by slowly, though, less than 10 miles per hour, and warning horns alert park pedestrians to the coming locomotives and cars.

Watchful parents should have plenty of time to secure their children should they fear they might run toward danger.

In a Herald report Sunday, a railroad spokesman said CSX intends to explore safety measures. Warning lights and gates that close access to the tracks are two considerations, but are they warranted?

The railroad plans to evaluate the area before reaching any conclusions and also look into potential partnerships with the community.

Ultimately, though, nothing can replace parental supervision and responsibility when child safety is the concern.

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