Thanksgiving deal store hours

November 22, 2012 

Thanksgiving deal store hours

Stores opening Thanksgiving Day:

Kmart: 8 p.m.

Old Navy: varies by location, reopening midnight Friday

Sears: 8 p.m.

Target: 9 p.m.

Toys R Us: 8 p.m.

Walmart: 8 p.m.

Store hours on Black Friday:

Bealls: Midnight

Best Buy: Midnight

BJ's: 7 a.m.

Burlington Coat Factory: 6 a.m.

Costco: 9 a.m.

Dick's Sporting Goods: Midnight

Home Depot: 5 a.m.

JC Penney: 6 a.m.

Kohl's: Midnight

Lowe's: 5 a.m.

Macy's: Midnight

Office Depot: 5 a.m.

OfficeMax: 6 a.m.

RadioShack: 6 a.m.

Sam's Club: 7 a.m.

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