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November 20, 2012 

Clubs wishing to host or participate in a shuffle clinic may contact Joyce Marquis at 941-345-4777.

Tentative plans include clinics on second Saturdays at the Bradenton Shuffle Club, beginning after the first of the year. Exact dates will be announced in future columns.

Tournament results

n FL P-7A, Nov. 12 at Bradenton. M/L Doubles -- Ladies Main: 1. Judy Taylor, 3. Marlene Coburn-Marilyn Everett. Consolation: 1. Letha DeVries-Linda Wallingford. Men Main: 2. Peter Berg-Mac Frazier, 3. Mel Erb-Clarence Gingerich, 4. Dave Kudro. Consolation: 1. Ed Leonard-Charlie DeVries, 2. Ed Boley-Ira Snook, 3. Jim Bailey-Jim Miller, 4. Gary Lennon-Dick Whitaker.

n FL P-7B at Melbourne Tropical Haven -- Men Main: 3. Jerry Stannard

n FL A-3, Nov. 12 at Sebring, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles -- Consolation: 3. Jim and Kathy Smith.

n SWCD D-7, Nov. 15 at Trailer Estates, Open M/L Doubles -- Ladies Main: 1. Letha DeVries-Ann Wedel, 2. Erika Berg-Carol Lumsden, 3. Marilyn Everett-Judy Taylor, 4. Nancy Sclafani-Alice Barlow. Consolation: 1. Joyce Marquis-Joan McCurdy, 2. Flo Kowalewski-Beverly Jensen, 3. Sue Daidone-Linda Wallingford, 4. Marlene Coburn-Pat Batdorff. Men Main: 1. Faren Van DeGrift-Jim Miller, 2. John L. Brown-Dennis Spangler, 3. Dave Kudro-Mel Erb, 4. Jim Bailey-Larry Taylor. Consolation: 1. Paul Lowe-Grant Childerhose, 2. David Welsh-Fred Thompson, 3. Jim Rathburn-Larry Toole, 4. Dick Whitaker-Gary Lennon.

n SWCD A-4, Nov. 16 at Trailer Estates, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles -- Main: 1. Mike Keeping-Bill Reinbolt, 2. Wolter & Shirley Bootsma, 3. Sue Peterman-Jill DeBruyne, 4. Carol McLeod-Kathy Smith. Consolation: 1. Don Gray-Bill Comford, 2. Chuck Huddleston-Keith Petty, 3. Gary Hartzler-Larry Lumsden, 4. Elaine Jarvis-Betty Sparks.

Future tournaments

n Tuesday is the second day of FL P-8A at Lakeland, P-8B at Bradenton, Mixed Doubles. Also FL A-5 at Lee County, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

n No Tournament Thursday, Nov. 22. Happy Thanksgiving.

n Monday, Nov. 26, FL P-9A at Hawthorne, P-9B at Boynton Beach, M/L Doubles. Also FL A-6A at Lakeland. State-Sponsored Singles, N/W, M/L. Twelve frames.


n Ann Hersom was honored in absentia by the Florida Shuffleboard Association on Nov. 12 as one who has done much for the sport, a regular feature of the Centennial Committee. Formerly of Golf Lakes, Hersom is living in California to be near family. She is in 23rd place of all-time Ladies Points in Florida with 425 lifetime points. Hersom served for many years as treasurer of the FSA. She matched players with partners on the Internet. She was District Keeper of Records and was a force to be reckoned with for about 30 years at state, district and local tournaments and played on Team USA. She will receive a Centennial Pin for all these efforts. Congratulations, Ann Hersom.

n Palmetto Shuffle Club will hold a memorial service for Don Hendrickson on Dec. 7. President for several years at Palmetto after a long and distinguished military career, he is sorely missed at Palmetto Mobile Home Park Shuffle Club.

n Joyce and Mike Marquis' new phone number -- (941) 345-4777 -- replaces their now-outdated number on page 32 of the current Florida PREVIEW, the SWCD page. Mike is our district president and effective leader.

Happy shuffling.

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