A friendly competition has high stakes, ends with a thong

ttompkins@bradenton.comNovember 19, 2012 

It was just a friendly competition between three young men, but the stakes were pretty high.

Who would complete the most rounds of 10 repetitions of 225-pound deadlifts, 10 ringdips and 10 handstand pushups?

Brian Johnson, Dustin Johnson and Andrew Terman warmed up as Bradenton's FitCrew gym started filling with onlookers.

Niels Renzenbrink laid out the rules, and showed the spectators what would be the consequences for the loser.

As the clock ran down on the competitors, Tracey Moynihan Rosa leaned through an opening in the wall to capture the event in pictures.

Finally, the clock ran out as the crowd cheered.

Moments later, the loser fulfilled his responsibilities and stepped out of the changing room to laughs and cheers.

He smiled good-naturedly and modeled the baby-blue thong leotard emblazoned with the words "Let's get physical."

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