Bradenton area will be better when political signs are replaced by holiday decorations

November 11, 2012 

Christmas stuff starts too early.

That's how I felt.

Hearing holiday songs in the first week of November?


Not this year.

I'm already rocking Christmas on 92.1 FM.

And not just when the fiancée controls the radio.

Last week, I bought a fresh DVD of "A Christmas Story" and cooked us a ham dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce.

Yep, the holiday season has begun in our happy home.

After a terribly long and turbulent political season I want Christmas cheer for the rest of the year.

The sights, sounds, smells:


Especially the sights.

Give me light displays that qualify as Griswoldian.

Christmas tree lots that cover acres.

Numerous nativity scenes starring Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Santa on his sleigh with magic elves and flying reindeer.

Wonderful wreaths on every door.

Glowing snowmen in every yard.

I hope to see Hanukkah decorations, too.

Give me Menorahs, Stars of David and lots of dreidels.

And put out those Kwanzaa party supplies.

Got a Festivus banner?

Wave it with pride.

All of the above are infinitely better than the "Vote for me" vileness.

Now that Election Day has finally passed, the countdown has begun for people to take down those ugly political signs.

Yes, ugly.

I have yet to see a political sign with a modicum of aesthetic value.

Many border on repulsive.

"Stink, stank, stunk," I say about 'em.

In Manatee County, political signs need to be removed 30 days after an election.

Bradenton citizens have 10 days.

That means by Friday, folks.

Bradenton has never had an issue with residents not taking down the signs, according to Volker Reiss, compliance manager for the city.

"But once Thanksgiving rolls around and signs are still there, we'll probably tell people who own property or the campaign, 'You know, the election is over'," Reiss said.

In Palmetto, signs must come down by Tuesday.

And in Holmes Beach, political signs should already be gone. Signs must be removed 24 hours after an election in the Anna Maria Island city.

So, what are you waiting for?

Put on some holiday songs and have a happy beverage.

Hang some decorations and sing along to a delightful ditty like "Christmas Island," "Silver Bells" or "Must Be Santa."

And please, put all those political signs away.

They surely will not be welcome by Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

Wade Tatangelo, features writer/columnist, can be reached at 941-745-7057. Follow

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