Political sign removal dates vary in Manatee County

November 8, 2012 

MANATEE -- Now that Election Day has passed, a new countdown has begun: the time to take down political signs.

In Manatee County, political signs need to be removed 30 days after an election. If they're not removed after the 30-day period code enforcement may take action, said Joe Fenton, Manatee County code enforcement manager.

Bradenton property owners must take down the signs 10 days after the election. The city has never had an issue with residents not taking down the signs, said Volker Reiss, compliance manager for the city.

"But once Thanksgiving rolls around and signs are still there, we'll probably tell people who own property or the campaign, 'You know, the election is over'," Reiss chuckled.

In Palmetto, signs must come down after 7 days, according to Whitney Chapman, code enforcement officer.

And in Holmes Beach, political signs should already be placed away. Signs must be removed 24 hours after an election, a city employee said.

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