Red-light cameras rob drivers of due process right

November 7, 2012 

Another red-light camera legal view: Every county is on the bandwagon to install red-light cameras, but no one has given any thought to the legal ramifications of these cameras being unconstitutional. According to the U.S. Constitution, it takes away your right to due process. The state of Minnesota removed these red-light cameras for just that reason. While these counties are using the reason that it will save lives, the income from these cameras is nothing to sneeze at. They are making serious money from red-light cameras: $158 a pop. With Florida families making minimum wage, this is not a fine on the person running the red light, it’s a serious burden on a family income. How can one state find red-light cameras unconstitutional while others don’t? Don’t we as citizens live under the same constitution as other states? Or are we, for some reason, special because we live in Florida? We already read or saw the family who received a fine in the mail even though it wasn’t even their vehicle which ran the red light. It simply shifted the burden of proof to them, which they shouldn’t have had to pursue in the first place. Simply put, red-light cameras are unconstitutional period. Mike Iacomo Bradenton

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