Journalism Next from Bayshore High School: Seniors planning for the next big chapter of their lives

Special to the HeraldNovember 5, 2012 

Seniors at Bayshore High School are at the top of the food chain right now. However in just a few short months most will enter in to a whole new atmosphere where they are once again the underdog.

"I'm excited for graduation but I will miss the class nights, spirit week, and of course the powder puff football game," Braden Causey said.

Angelia Gilley is in charge of all graduation activities. She will choose what privileges seniors will receive, plan the traditional senior field trip,

and even direct the 2013 class across the stage as they step into their future.

"Senior year is full of activities and responsibilities, it's hard not to let senioritis get to you," Adam Accord said.

Seniors at Bayshore are held responsible to get all that needs to be finished, finished.

There's a lot that comes with the title. The year usually stars out with students running around getting their community service hours in order. Applying for scholarships and college

However, that is just the start of an event-filled year for most.

"Senior fees are a burden all of us have to bear, but when I have my diploma in my hand I know it will be money well spent," said senior Raynee Wallis.

Much like many other schools, Bayshore holds students accountable to pay for cap and gown, senior trip, and the senior fee. Most students also have many other debts they must pay before they are able to graduate.

There are endless opportunities for the future. Most seniors have a plan for what they yearn to achieve after high school

"This year's senior class is highly motivated, intelligent, and very involved in the political process," said Lori Ladd, English and speech teacher.

Although college is on the mind of many, some have found a place in the work force.

"I have many options and many goals.," Kyle Watts said. "I am still thinking about my concrete plan, but for the most part I have the outline of what I plan to do after high school."

Whatever seniors decide to do they will always have the memories of the four short years they spent at Bayshore.

"I'm ready to move on with my life, however, I've learned a lot here and will never forget the things I learned and the amazing people I've met," said Tara Pilar.

The class of 2013 is set to graduate June 1 at the Manatee Civic Center.

For most it will be a joyous memory as the walk across the stage and venture on to the next chapter of life.

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