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Bayshore students choose early admission to college

Special to the HeraldNovember 5, 2012 

As the school year begins, the new early admission students experience a kind of school culture that is foreign to them.

Instead of dress code, consistent schedules, and demanding classes, they experience more freedom.

"You have more freedom at (State College of Florida)," Calla Smith said. "You get to pick your classes and get to wear what you want."

Even though early admissions students have more freedom than regular Bayshore High School student, they also have added pressure to themselves do to the demanding courses.

"They need to get A's and B's in the courses they are taking and have extracurricular activities in order to show colleges they're ready for college," said Laura Roberts, Bayshore High School career adviser.

Even though the schools are right next door, there's still a gap between high school and college.

"Even though I love being at SCF, sometimes you don't feel like you're a part of Bayshore anymore because of the different aspects of high school and college," Muriel Gardner said.

Early admission not only gives students free college classes, it also allows students to experience a different kind of school experience.

"I'm happy I took the path of early admission, because it shows the colleges my dedication and potential," Gardner said.

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