Plus Digital Subscriptions Customer Service FAQ

October 31, 2012 

General FAQ

Q What is Bradenton Herald Plus?
A Bradenton Herald Plus provides unlimited access to all content on our newspaper’s website (, our mobile site ( and to our iPhone and Android smartphone apps, and our electronic replica edition (E-Edition), in addition to your printed newspaper subscription. Bradenton Herald Plus bundles all the ways you can read the Bradenton Herald’s content into one price.

Q. How does the digital access work?
A. Some portions of will remain free; your access to other portions will be limited without a digital bundle subscription.

Each time your computer or smartphone visits our site, your use of the site’s pages are counted. Some portions of our site, like our Homepage (the first page you come to on the site), our Section Fronts (the “front” page of the Local News, Sports, Features, and Business sections of the site), dealsaver, and all advertising will remain fully accessible, which means you’ll continue to have unlimited access to those pages. But the story-level pages, video galleries, commenting and opinions, breaking news and other content will have limited access. So when, for example, you click on a headline on the homepage and select a story, that page counts towards a limit of 15 free pages per 30-day period. Once you reach your 15-page limit, if you don’t have a digital subscription, you’ll be required to subscribe or wait until the next 30-day period to access them.

With a digital subscription, you will have unlimited access to all of the website and your use will not be limited.

Q What are my digital subscription options?
A There are several. Bradenton Herald newspaper subscribers can add the digital bundle to their newspaper subscription. Whether their newspaper subscription is 7-days, weekends or some other frequency, they have access to our digital products 24/7. Adding the digital bundle to your newspaper subscription is our best deal.

For readers who do not have a subscription to Bradenton Herald and want only digital access, they can purchase the digital bundle alone for $6.95 per month (or $69.95 per year if paid annually).

For those occasional readers from around the world who need access to our web site for just a day, a 1-day pass is available for $0.99.

Q What if I already renewed my newspaper subscription? Do I have to pay extra now?
A The digital bundle charges will begin with your next renewal. If you’ve already made your payment you’ll have access to the digital package without charge until your next subscription payment is due.

Q How do I sign up for a digital subscription?
A Visit

Or, when you’ve viewed your 15 free page views, a pop-up online order form will appear and invite you to subscribe. You’ll have the choice of a digital bundle if you want access to the digital package only, or you can sign up for a print and digital bundle, our best deal because it also includes delivery of the daily newspaper.

If you are not a subscriber to Bradenton Herald, once you have exceeded your 15 allocated pages in a 30-day period, a pop-up will appear asking you to subscribe.

Q. How do I access my digital subscription?
Once you purchase your digital subscription, you will be logged in to your account from the device you used to purchase the subscription. You don’t have to do anything else to access the content on the website.

However, if you switch to another device or clear your saved login data, you may see the message asking you to subscribe. If that happens, simply click the “Sign In” button on the top left corner of that screen and enter your e-mail address and the password you selected.

Q Can I comment or read the comments without paying for a digital subscription?
A You will need a digital subscription to comment or read comments (once your 15 “free” page views are used each 30-day period).

Q Will I be able to use my free iPhone or Android app without paying for a digital subscription?
A Yes, but you will need a digital subscription to read stories once your 15 allocated pages are used each 30-day period. Without the digital subscription, your smartphone app will be limited to the unlimited access pages (homepage, section fronts, dealsaver, etc.) and 15 free pages each month. A digital subscription will give you unlimited access to through your mobile app and to our E-edition.